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Join the Allen County Extension Homemakers as they host their second annual BBQ Pork Sandwich fundraiser during this year’s Allen County Fair.

Visit the Home & Family Arts Building Wednesday evening, July 24 from 5 pm to 8 pm and enjoy a full meal including sides of baked beans, potato chips, apple sauce or coleslaw, dessert and a beverage. Meals cost just $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for kids, age 10 and under. Additional sandwiches can be purchased for $3.00.

Profits from the meal support Allen County Extension Homemaker budget and fair expenses with 15% of sales paid to the Allen County Fairgrounds.

Be sure to stroll through the Adult Open Class exhibits in the Home & Family Arts Building as well as visit the 4-H youth exhibits and displays. The Allen County Fair runs July 23 thru the 28th.

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TCC to donate 140,000 backpacks full of school supplies to children across the nation on July 21

Round Room LLC, the nation’s largest Verizon Authorized Wireless Retailer, announces today that its TCC and Wireless Zone stores are donating 140,000 backpacks full of school supplies to ensure children across the U.S. are well prepared for the start of the school year. This donation marks TCC’s seventh annual School Rocks Backpack Giveaway. Since 2013, TCC has donated over 950,000 backpacks filled with supplies to children.

“We want to make certain the youth in America have equal access to a great start of the school year, so we are thrilled to support that goal with our seventh annual backpack giveaway,” said Scott Moorehead, CEO of Round Room, parent company of TCC. “By providing families of school-aged children with essential school supplies, we’re easing the back-to-school shopping burden and helping set students up for success.”

More than 850 participating TCC and Wireless Zone stores across the U.S. are inviting local families and their children to visit select locations on Sunday, July 21, between 1-4 p.m. to pick up a backpack filled with various school supplies, including pencils, paper, a pencil box, folders and glue. One backpack per child present will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.

For a list of participating TCC stores or to find a store near you, visit www.tccrocks.com/locations. Each participating TCC store will donate up to 200 backpacks. All leftover backpacks will be donated to local schools.

According to the National Retail Federation, families with school-aged children spent an average $684.79 each—a total of $27.5 billion—on school supplies in 2018 and this year is expected to increase. With more than one out of every five school-aged children in the U.S. living below the federal poverty threshold, TCC is working to alleviate the rising costs of school supplies through this annual program.

TCC makes ongoing investments in the local communities where it operates through its Culture of Good movement. The company recently donated supply packs to nearly 6,000 teachers across the U.S and partnered with local animal rescue organizations nationwide to inspire pet adoptions and collect supplies. In 2018, the company donated more than 187,000 backpacks with school supplies at TCC and Wireless Zone stores across the country; gave supply packs to more than 5,000 teachers across the U.S.

Supporters of the School Rocks Backpack Giveaway are encouraged to use hashtags #SchoolRocks and #BetterTogether on Instagram and Twitter to help spread the word.

To learn more about TCC, visit www.TCCRocks.com. Customers can also connect with the company at www.facebook.com/tcctalk and www.twitter.com/tcctalk.

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In the last five years, our Foundation has awarded grants to local schools, the Parks Department, food banks, churches, educational programs, and our signature projects– the Band Shell in Schnelker Park and the Bulldogs. Help us continue to build our community through charitable giving.

Please join us for the 5th annual New Haven Community Foundation Golf Outing on August 2nd at the Whispering Creek Golf Club in New Haven. Shotgun start at 1:00pm. Dinner following round.

For questions or to RSVP by phone, contact Sarah Kreigh at 260.493.6670.

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New Haven Attendance Area

Mindy Schuemann, New Haven High

SUBJECT AREA: Life Skills Program
FAVORITE TEACHING MOMENT: I am lucky enough to have my students for at least 4 years. When you have students that long you become a family. After not being together all summer, I love seeing them on the first day of school. We are able to catch up with each other and discuss all of our goals for the new year. The first day of school is by far my favorite teaching moment that I enjoy every year!

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New Haven Attendance Area

Stephen Gurney, New Haven Middle

FAVORITE TEACHING MOMENT: My most favorite moments are when kids understand concepts from grade levels far above 7th grade.

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New Haven Attendance Area

Tasha Dommer, New Haven Intermediate

FAVORITE TEACHING MOMENT: One year I had a student show up on the first day of school who wanted nothing to do with school. He didn’t like one thing about school and wanted to be anywhere but school. I saw this as a challenge. I made it my mission to change this child’s mind. He was going to LOVE school! I made connections with him and found out what he liked. I celebrated when he arrived to school and told him I would miss him on the weekend. Nothing! He still did NOT like anything about school. I was starting to lose hope and then Christmas came along. Students were bringing me gifts as they walked into class that last day before break. My friend, the one who still didn’t like anything about school, brings me a hand written note. Initially, I thought it was a note from his parents. Maybe a transportation change, but he stood there smiling at me. Smiles were few and far between for him. Curiosity won and I had to see what was on that paper. Inside was a page long, hand written note from him. To sum it up, he thanked me for being his teacher, said he was happy I was his teacher, and told me he was going to do better. That is my favorite moment.

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New Haven Attendance Area

Courtnie Felger, New Haven Primary

SUBJECT AREA: Elementary Education
FAVORITE TEACHING MOMENT: Each year I strive to create a sense of family within my classroom. This year we had a special education student
leave to attend a program at a different school. When I told the class he was leaving they were upset because they were going to miss him and then got up and gave him a group hug. The student hugged his friends goodbye and told them he would miss them. It warmed my heart to see the love they shared towards each other with the group hug.

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What university are you planning to attend? I am planning on attending the University of Saint Francis.

What type of degree and/or advanced training are you planning to pursue? I am pursuing a degree in Clinical Lab Science and hopefully a minor in Forensics Science or Criminal Justice & Criminology.

Why have you chosen this particular field of study? I chose Clinical Lab Science because I aspire to become a medical laboratory technician. I have always wanted to pursue a career in the medical field with a focus on lab work. Eventually, I want to become a crime lab technician.

In what extracurricular/community activities did you participate? I participated in Upward Bound, Student Council, National Honor Society, JAG, and tennis.

What awards, recognitions, or scholarships have you received? Rising Stars of Indiana for Class of 2019, Certificate of Recognition for PLTW, Biomedical, JAG’s Regional Career Development Conference 2017 – 1st place in Career Presentation, JAG’s State Career Development
Conference 2018 – 3rd place in Career Presentation, February’s Student Rotarian of the Anthony Wayne Rotary Club

What are your insights on your high school experience? High school was a roller coaster ride for me. There were easy-going days as well as stressful days. Despite all of that, I am glad to have gain new experiences and to have met new people along the way.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of school? My hobbies outside of school are drawing and reading on my free time. I also like to volunteer at kid-friendly events to face paint.

Parents: My father is Ko Naing and my mother is San San Naing.

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What university are you planning to attend? Indiana University Bloomington

What type of degree and/or advanced training are you planning to pursue? I plan on becoming an Ob/Gyn and specializing in obstetrics. I will major in Biology.

Why have you chosen this particular field of study? I have chosen to become an Ob/Gyn because I love the idea that I could aid in bringing someone’s child into the world. I think that having a baby is a huge step in a family’s life and the thought of being able to help people reach that step
makes me feel complete. The last semester of high school, I had an internship that let me experience neonatology and Obstetrics. When I observed the obstetrics, I was able to see the joy of the new mothers and fathers as they got to see their newborn child. That joy is the reason Ii would love to be an obstetrician.

In what extracurricular/community activities did you participate? I was a varsity cheerleader for two years. I was a representative in student council for three years. I participated in FCA for two years. I was a part of the drama department for two years and was casted into
three productions. I played Jetsam in The Little Mermaid, I played Danny in Subtext, and I played Belle in The Beauty and The Beast. I also was a member of key club for one year. For two years I was a Middle School Campus Life leader. I participated at my church as a member in the Worship team and also attended missions trips; one to Haiti where we helped several children who were in orphanages.

What awards, recognitions, or scholarships have you received? I have received the uplifting qualities award, the Indiana Academic All-Star Student of 2019, the Citizenship award, the Respect 360 award, Varsity letter Awards, scientific achievement award, certificate of Foreign
language award, leadership award, and Outstanding newcomer in the musical. I have received the 21 Century scholarship, the Chick Fil A scholarship, and the Lily Endowment Scholarship.

What are your insights on your high school experience? I think that high school, like everything else in life is what you make it. If you applied yourself in your classes and worked hard, you could achieve what you need to and it’s very rewarding.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of school? Outside of school, my hobbies include painting, playing the guitar, fitness, singing, and watching movies.

Parents: Sandra Stephenson & Michael Armstrong

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Board of School Trustees Recognize Junior Achievement Essay Winners

The East Allen County Schools Board of School Trustees recognized the EACS students for the Junior Achievement and the Schwab Foundation Economics for Success and Career Success essay contest for the 2018-19 school year:

East Allen County Schools was well represented with several winners! Those winners are:

JA Economics for Success Essay Winner:
• Hannah Welch (Surgeon), Heritage Jr. Sr. High

JA Career Success and Job Shadow Winners
•Michael Crilly (Chemical Engineer), Woodlan Jr. Sr. High
•Payton Fields (Electrician) Heritage Jr. Sr. High
•Wil Rohrbach (Real Estate Lawyer), Heritage Jr. Sr. High
Zy’Anne Terry (Public Speaker), New Haven High

On May 20th, each student was announced as a winner and also received a check from JA for $100 for their winning essay!

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