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Bob Nelson, New Haven mayoral candidate for 2019, announced “Our Community Plan.” Nelson’s style of government will be inclusive not exclusive. Not my platform, OUR platform. Not my plan, OUR plan. Not my city, OUR city.


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New Haven High School Girls Varsity Volleyball falls to Woodlan High School 3-0

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The Big 10 Mistakes College Students Make on Social Media

Not using privacy settings
Sites like Instagram and Twitter allow users to make their profiles completely private from those who aren’t following them, while Facebook allows members to customize the amount of information seen by followers and non-followers. Facebook is quite specific, allowing users to change the privacy settings for each item shared on a timeline.

Trusting privacy settings
Although privacy settings can reduce the risk of personal material entering the public eye, even these aren’t foolproof. Using the “Photos of” search feature on Facebook provides a look at the types of posts that can be seen—even with privacy settings in place.

Posting questionable photos
The best rule when it comes to questionable images is to simply not post them and untag any that others may have shared. Even if you are of legal drinking age, a picture including alcohol isn’t going to make the best impression. Save them to your computer, but take them off your page.

Using poor grammar
While it’s tempting to be informal on social media, remember that these platforms often serve as the first introduction to potential employers. Reverting to text-speak and endless ellipses may be fine in private messages with friends, but when shared publicly they can give off the wrong impression.

Complaining about your current job
Your current job may be awful and your boss may be the worst, but prospective employers only see you as a disgruntled worker. Even when refraining from naming the company, this type of behavior tells more about what type of employee you’ll be at your next job.

Retweeting/posting inappropriate materials
Many students feel it’s safer to post about controversial topics if it’s done via sharing or retweeting someone else’s words. While this may remove you somewhat, posting these types of things ultimately shows an endorsement of the sentiments or ideas expressed.

Complaining about professors/peers
Similar to criticizing a current job, complaining about professors and peers will not be seen in a favorable light. If you can’t respect them, what’s to say you’ll be able to work with your potential boss or colleagues at the job for which you’re applying?

Sharing confidential information
Offering too much information, or talking about details that aren’t yours to share, will be an immediate red flag to HR. With all of these mistakes, it’s important to remember that hiring committees look at social media behavior and transfer it to a workplace setting. If an applicant can’t respect privacy on social media, can they be trusted with confidential information about a company?

Discussing taboo topics
Although there is no hard-and-fast rule stating sensitive topics shouldn’t be discussed online, constantly writing or sharing posts about subjects like politics or religion can raise a few eyebrows. Especially if these posts show strong opinions, they may signal to employers that you are a combative employee. While it’s perfectly acceptable to hold beliefs about these topics, the workplace is meant to be a largely neutral zone and these topics are generally not discussed on the clock.

Not using social media enough
Just as some individuals overly use social media or share too much too often, not using social media can also be a red flag. Hiring committees want to see prospective hires engaging with others, sharing thoughtful information, and demonstrating a passion for their life. Being non-existent on social media can make you seem aloof.

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Thank you to everyone for making the WHNH FUNdraiser such a HUGE success. We had about 100 people in attendance! Thank you to Tony and Renee at Whispering Creek for a fabulous evening. Thank you to Zach and the team at VooDoo BBQ for donating such delicious food. Thank you to Jeff at ProLine for donating the BearCat generator. And thank you to everyone that contributed items for our silent auction or purchased an item. Without your generosity the night wouldn’t have been such a great success. The monies donated on Friday will go to the installation of WHNH’s Emergency Broadcasting System. Thank you, Thank you. Bob Nelson.

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EACS Board Recognizes Academic All State Winter Athletes

Academic All State Winter Athletes
The East Allen County Schools Board of School Trustees recognized the winter sport Academic All-State athletes. Those student athletes included:
•Dirk Herschberger – G.P.A. 4.25, wrestling at Woodlan High (not in photo)
•Mitch Hoot – G.P.A. 3.34, wrestling at Woodlan High
•Aaron Hahn – G.P.A. 4.2, 1st team academic all-state in basketball, he is 3rd in his graduating class at Woodlan High School. He is undecided on the college/university he will attend but he says he will study nursing. Mr. Ron Kammeyer is the principal of Woodlan High School (not in photo)
Jaxson Savieo, G.P.A. 4.1, wrestling at New Haven High. He was recently named the News Sentinel Wrestler of the Year. Jaxson is 6th in his graduating class and will attend Indiana Weslyan in the Fall.Mrs. Anna Murphy is the principal of New Haven High School


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City of New Haven 2018 Outing with the Fort Wayne TinCaps… Thursday, August 16, Game Time: 7:05 P.M.

TinCaps VS South Bend Cubs. Tickets are located in section 114 and are $7 each. If your company/Group purchases 20+ tickets, you will receive video board recognition.

Post-Game Fireworks

Following the game, a fabulous firework display will be shot off directly from centerfield!

Run the Bases: After the game, all fans are welcome on the field!

Reserve Your Tickets Today. Deadline to order tickets: Monday, August 6

New Haven Chamber of Commerce, 428 Broadway, Suite 101, New Haven, IN 46774

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United Way of Allen County Book Drive Collects 5,000 Books

Throughout May, the United Way of Allen County hosted a book drive, partnering with 16 businesses and organizations to collect over 5,000 books to encourage summer reading for Allen County kids.

3Rivers Federal Credit Union


BFGoodrich/USW Local 715


City of Fort Wayne

CVC Communications

Fusion Yoga

Hallmark Home Mortgage

Johnson Controls/UAW Local 3046

Lippert Components

Quadrant EPP USA

PHD, Inc.



Trinity English Lutheran Church

United Way of Allen County

Vera Bradley

Women United

The donations were collected and sorted by volunteers at Trinity English Lutheran Church. The books have been distributed to 30 local nonprofits, ranging from the Rally to Read program hosted by the Early Childhood Alliance to Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana to Charis House at the Rescue Mission. All organizations plan to implement the materials differently into their children’s programs to ensure all the books find good, needed homes.

“United Way of Allen County is committed to improving early childhood education for children in our community,” said David Nicole, president and CEO of United Way of Allen County. “Thank you to the companies that partnered with United Way by participating in the book drive. Your efforts set up the children in our community for success.”

Throughout the summer, the strategic volunteer engagement staff will work with companies to collect supplies for Kindergarten Countdown, a 4-week academic-preparation program for kids unable to attend preschool, and to assemble literacy kits, sets of in-depth reading materials and activities for Fort Wayne area kids to take home and complete. These initiatives and more, aim to help children thrive, while engaging families and communities. Contact Tiffani Arnold-Pine at tiffani.arnoldpine@uwacin.org for additional information about the book drive or corporate volunteer opportunities.

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Welcome to the East Allen County Schools’ monthly construction update. Following my last update, I received many inquiries concerning what the New Haven High School and New Haven Intermediate School finished project would look like as well as the projected traffic flow.

Finished project. The below architectural rendition depicts the appearance of the final project.

Traffic Flow. Buses enter and exit the south entrance; patrons/students/staff coming from the south or going south, enter and exit the south drive; and patrons/students/staff coming from the north or going north, enter and exit the north drive. The drop-off/pick up for students is on the north side of the building (see diagram below.)

Turf Field. Construction of the turf football field will begin in early June and be ready for the mighty Bulldogs’ next football season. The updated John Young Field promises to be a source of Bulldog pride!

Finished project. The below architectural rendition depicts the appearance of the final project.

Traffic Flow… Patrons enter and exit from Homestead Drive; regular buses enter from Williams Street and exit College Avenue; special buses for students with disabilities enter from Homestead Drive and Edwards Street to drop off on vacated Prospect Avenue and then exit via Williams Street or College Avenue (see diagram below.)

Thank you for supporting this project! See you next month for your monthly update to YOUR New Haven Schools.

Bob Nelson
President, East Allen County School Board of Trustees.

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The 2018 FAME art winners were honored for their hard work at a recent Board of School Trustees meeting! Superintendent Hissong said, “The artwork of these students was extremely impressive and they represented East Allen County Schools well at the FAME art festival!” Those honored were:

The Mayor’s Choice Award winners:

Syrus Shirey, Cedarville Elementary, principal Dr. Brad Bakle

Culvin Gilbert, Heritage Elementary, principal Mrs. Karen Charters

Aydan Jackson, Leo Elementary, principal Mr. Bill Diehl

Katarina Baker, New Haven Intermediate, principal Mr. Steve Snodgrass

Gracie Wetoskey, New Haven Primary, principal Mrs. Renita Peters

Ryder White, New Haven Primary, principal Mrs. Renita Peters

Hsar Kit Soe, Prince Chapman Academy, principal Mr. Pat McCann

Eh Nay Taw, Southwick Elementary, principal Mrs. Diamond Robinson

Collin Klepper, Woodlan Elementary, principal Mr. Michael Chen

The Teacher’s Choice Winners:

Alina Campbell, Heritage Elementary, principal Mrs. Karen Charters

Eh Par Sor Shee, Southwick Elementary, principal Mrs. Diamond Robinson

Eyrelyn Tripp, Woodlan Elementary, principal Mr. Michael Chen

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We are finally starting to see some sunshine and warmer weather. So with that warmer weather, please remember to review your child(ren)’s school dress code. If you have specific questions, please call or email the school for your answers.

We have some very important dates coming up in the near future:

High School Graduations:
New Haven High School Thursday, May 31, 2018 – 7:00 PM Memorial Coliseum
Leo High School Friday, June 1, 2018 – 7:00 PM Memorial Coliseum
Woodlan High School Saturday, June 2, 2018 – 10:00 AM Woodlan High School
Heritage High School Saturday, June 2, 2018 – 2:00 PM Heritage High School
East Allen University Saturday, June 2, 2018 – 6:00 PM IPFW Campus

If you have specific questions regarding the ceremonies, please contact the school.

Registration Dates for the 2018 – 2019 School Year:
•On-line Registration opens Tuesday, July 24th for currently enrolled students
•All Elementary/Secondary Schools Registration EXCEPT Southwick Elementary, Paul Harding Junior High and East Allen University
•Wednesday, August 1, Noon – 7:00 p.m.
•Thursday, August 2, – 8:00 a.m. – Noon
•Southwick Elementary, Paul Harding Junior High and East Allen University
•Thursday, August 2, Noon – 7:00 p.m.
•Friday, August 3, 8:00 a.m. – Noon
•First Day of Student Attendance
•Monday, August 13, 2018

Finally, I just want to personally thank you all for allowing me to serve East Allen County Schools in my new role as superintendent. I am so honored to work in this new capacity. We truly are blessed to have great students, parents, staff, and communities! I hope that everyone has a safe, relaxing summer. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to call the central office administration at 260-446-0100. We will do our very best to direct you to the right person of contact or answer your questions directly.

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook! We will try to do a variety of posts over the summer with construction and other things.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve as your superintendent. Dream It. Do It.!

Marilyn Hissong, Superintendent

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