I read Terry Jo Lightfoot’s Sept 25th letter in response to my letter concerning the tax burden of bonds issued for the EACS School District.   I am not sure where she gets her information, but in the instance of a possible cessation of New Haven or Leo from EACS, I firmly believe her source is incorrect about the tax burden being null and void for those two cities.  It makes no sense.  The bond is granted on the basis of a certain amount of money from the tax base.  If you reduce the tax base there wouldn’t be enough revenue to make payments on the bonds that have been issued for the Woodlan and Heritage construction or any other bond.

I or my sources received opinions from the Allen County Auditor’s office, a current County Commissioner, the Indiana State Board of Education and from Senator Kruse who chairs the Education Committee for the Indiana State Senate.  They all agree that the tax levy would continue if New Haven and/or Leo were to secede from EACS. In other words, the Board got what it wanted.  Now we are stuck with it with no way out at this time.

Terry Jo, who are your sources?  Perhaps they should revisit the issue.

Marcia Geller

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