by Beth Stauffer

This week marks the annual Homecoming Week at New Haven High School, and as is customary, the NHHS Student Council planned some spirit enhancing activities for the teens in the days leading up to Friday night’s football game against the Belmont Braves.  In most Indiana high schools, a tradition during Homecoming Week is to have several days for the students to use their creativity to dress according to a certain theme, and New Haven High School is no exception to this rule.

On Thursday, September 27, 2012 the theme was “The Decades”, and many of NHHS’ students took the opportunity to dress up in their choice of years from the 1950’s to the 1990’s.  I stopped by during lunch to chat with the students and see exactly what kind of costumes they came up.

My favorite group costume of the day was the guys dressed up as basketball players from the 1980’s.  As a child who grew up watching basketball on her father’s knee during the 1980’s, I thought this was pretty hysterical!  Zachary Fritcha, Kevin Ware and Alex Schultz absolutely nailed this look, from the terry cloth sweat bands to the short shorts that Larry ‘the Legend’ Bird made famous back in…well, the 1980’s.  Well done, guys!

From the 1970’s, flower child Aurella Allen wore an eye-catching, brightly colored dress that once belonged to her mother in the 1970’s.  Aurella’s mom has some pretty sweet taste in clothes!

Lovely exchange student Giovanna Canzi wore a great 1960’s look that would have been perfect to wear to Woodstock back in 1969.

The flawless duo of Eryka Kraner and Mikala Hiatt both looked as they stepped right off the cover of Teen Magazine circa 1986; even their choice of shoes and socks were brilliant.   I admit that I know this because I grew up in the 1980’s and consequently used to dress like that pretty much every day.   I also have to mention Keegan Holle’s crimped hair, which was an audacious ode to the hair of the 1980’s.  Again, I should know because I used to wear my hair like that a long, long time ago.

The 1950’s was another decade popular with the Bulldogs on Thursday.  Poodle skirts, chiffon scarves, and perky ponytails were in high fashion for several young ladies during lunch.  Deni Roller, a NHHS student, had an especially cute poodle skirt with a sequined leash, hot pink scarf, and white jacket with her name embroidered on it a la the movie Grease.

The young men (aside from the 1980’s basketball players!) seemed to prefer the 1990’s look for the most part.  If I was giving out awards for todays best dressed pair from the 1990’s, that award would hands down go to Wesley Vanpelt and J’Keveous Hampton.  I went to high school and college in the 1990’s, and somehow I had forgotten about the trend where guys wore their clothes backwards and baggy.  Seeing J’Keveous in his backwards outfit really took me back to my high school days!  I just hope he didn’t re-ignite this old trend by wearing this outfit today; like parachute pants and the mullet, there are some fashion trends that just need to go away permanently.

Thank you to the New Haven High School Administrators (Principal Greg Moeller and Assistant Principals Michelle Wenglikowski and Keith Edmonds) for letting me stop by and visit with the students during lunch today!  As always, I was so impressed with how genuinely nice, respectful and just plain awesome the NHHS students are.  New Haven and the surrounding areas truly have a fantastic group of students at New Haven High School to be proud of!

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