by Beth Stauffer

Have you ever heard of someone having a completely serendipitous moment at the CVS Photo counter before?

Well, Brenda Kohrman of New Haven did a few years ago as she looked at some pictures she had just developed of her youngest son, Andy, performing magic tricks.  Unbeknownst to her, standing behind her in line was Bob McFarland, an area DJ.  Mr. McFarland commented on the pictures of Andy, and in the course of the conversation mentioned that he could use some help with his DJ business.

“You should meet my other son, Kevin,” Brenda told Mr. McFarland that day at the CVS Photo counter.  “He loves music!”

There you have it, in less than a hundred words, the story of how Kevin Kohrman, a.k.a. DJ Double K, got his start in the music business at the tender age of 14.

The story of how 19 year old Kevin has managed to become a successful entrepreneur and rising star in the area’s entertainment scene will take a little bit longer to tell.

As a middle school student at St. John the Baptist School in New Haven, Kevin was a bona fide sports nut.  He played baseball, track, basketball, and football for the Raiders before playing freshman football and running track at New Haven High School as a 9th grader.  The summer before his sophomore year, however, Kevin’s dreams of continuing to participate in sports came to an abrupt and seemingly tragic end after undergoing double knee surgery.

While this kind of injustice might have led any other 14 year old to a road of destruction, this wasn’t the case with the future DJ Double K.  “He’s had some sad things happen to him, but he took it so very well.  I’ve never known anyone to take disappointment so well,” recalls Kevin’s mom, Brenda.    “He turned it around and made something that could have been really negative truly positive.”

“At 14, I had to figure out something else I wanted to do with my life.  Music was the obvious choice, basically it was always a big part of my life,” said Kevin of the time after his knee surgery.  “Two years later, after the whole knee surgery thing, my mentor Bob (McFarland) wanted to retire and that left me with the opportunity to go into business.”

Kevin’s business, Magik Sounds, started out small, and by small, we’re talking about just an mp3 player and a job hosting the Father-Daughter dance at St. John the Baptist School.  Fast forward to 2012 and Magik Sounds is booming, both literally and figuratively.  Dates for weddings and other events are booking up over a year in advance, and weekends these days are filled to capacity for Kevin.  It’s safe to say that Magik Sounds has graduated from the mp3 player from days of old; nowadays, Magik Sounds has its own website,, including an online store where you can purchase all of your official DJ Double K gear and a soon to be released mix tape.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, at 19 years of age Kevin has also dabbled in one of his other great loves, radio broadcasting, for the last few years.  What started simply as a Mass Media class at New Haven High School opened up a bright new world for Kevin that afforded him the opportunity to work for the former FM100 Talks radio station out of Bluffton and for Fort Wayne’s Summit City Radio Group.  Kevin’s strong work ethic and outgoing personality eventually led to his being offered a position on Wild 96.3 hosting the Sunday afternoon show from 4-7pm for 1 ½ years.

Kevin’s adventures in broadcasting have taken him on some memorable adventures.  One such adventure was attending his first NFL football game, where he sat in the press box as he cheered on his favorite team, the St. Louis Rams, as they faced the Detroit Lions.  “I had a press pass with my name on it!  I felt really legit.  It was probably the best day ever!” Kevin said.  Considering that Kevin has met and interviewed Adam Sandler and Kevin James at a press conference before, that’s really saying something!

“I really look up to Adam Sandler,” said Kevin as he told me about his experience meeting the famous actor at a NASCAR race in 2010.  “I’ve read a lot of autobiographies about him, and I don’t look up to him because he’s a huge actor.  That’s just his job.  I look up to him because he worked hard to get there.”

Hard work and dedication to his chosen field seem to be something that Kevin Kohrman and Adam Sandler have in common.  “I sometimes just sit back and look in awe at him,” said Brenda Kohrman.  “No matter what he’s going to do with his life, he’s going to be very successful.  He’s given 110% to music since he can’t give that to football.  I’m just so incredibly proud of him.   I feel so honored to be his mom.”

As a New Haven High School student, Kevin once interned for Bob Nelson at New Haven  Of Kevin, Mr. Nelson said, “He’s a real go-getter.  I knew from when I first met him he would succeed, as he’s a hard worker.  I’ve often wondered when does he sleep?”

This is a good question, especially considering Kevin is a full-time college student at IPFW majoring in Business and Marketing in addition to everything else he’s got going on.  This semester, he’s taking a couple of boring classes like Calculus and Law, which will no doubt allow plenty of time for him to catch up on his sleep.  Personally, I’m thinking DJ Double K could probably teach a few of the classes about business and marketing considering all of his accomplishments, but what do I know?

Well, I do know one thing:  Kevin Kohrman is going places.  That much is a given!

For information about booking Magik Sounds, contact DJ Double K at260-705-5815 or at

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