by Steve Gordon

At Tuesday’s New Haven City Council meeting, Glaze Tool on Summit Street received a five year tax abatement on new equipment that is being added their facility.  The result will reduce the tax liability of the company by nearly $7,000 during that five years.

Subsequent to the approval, the council did question the County’s economic representative about the ability to enforce compliance of intentions based on the abatement application.  Business applications must be more specific about anticipated job creation and the expected salaries and benefits based on standards published by the federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  The matrix used by the County to determine abatement rates is more closely tied to the BLS information.

A recent IPFW report showed that local wages continue to fall below the national averages.

Allen County and the city of Fort Wayne continue to move to a matrix that is more identical.  A scheduled meeting to further discuss this topic in Fort Wayne will be the fifth Tuesday in January.  New Haven council members were invited to include their comments.

Councilman Steinman first mentioned the compliance issue.  His follow up asked if any businesses had had their abatement rescinded.  The County representative responded that some businesses had experienced some non compliance in one or two of the three categories, but not all three at the same time.  Mayor McDonald response regarding abatement retraction will “never happen in this economy.”

The council gave final approval to the changes in council district boundaries. The most significant change moves Tanglewood addition from the second to the first district.

In a report from the Planning Department, updates are being planned for Americans with Disabilities Act compliance throughout the city.

For example, any new sidewalk repairs or installations will need to meet the five foot width requirement.  Any new applications for federal highway funds must comply with standards in order to receive the grants.

Standards have changed over the past 20 years of the law and compliance from previous efforts may no longer meet those standards today.

It was also announced that the new Maplecrest extension to Indiana 930 will have a formal opening ceremony next Tuesday, October 30th at 11 AM.  Do-It-Best Hardware will provide free trolley rides along the new road between 11 and 1.  The road will be open to all traffic after that time.

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