I have read and reread the Journal-Gazette’s editorial and endorsements for school board positions in East Allen County Schools, and I still can’t figure out how the reasoning squares with the results.

The underlying premise appears to be that because current superintendent Dr. Karyle Green managed to push through a consolidation plan after years of political infighting, voters should not threaten the momentum gained by this accomplishment.  The consolidation plan may indeed be laudable, but it fails to address deep-seated problems that have led to dysfunctional leadership, low morale and the loss of many fine teachers in the district.

These problems were identified in the May 2012 report authored by former EACS superintendent Dr. Daryl R. Yost.  The two biggest problems he identified were poor leadership coming from the school board and a central administration that is negatively confrontational.

Yet the Journal-Gazette, like the EACS administration, inexplicably dismisses the report as a “mistake” because of poor timing and Dr. Yost’s history with East Allen.  These sound like excuses to ignore the serious problems raised in the report by shooting the messenger.  The message—and the reality for those who live in the district—is that things need to change.  That won’t happen if the current board and administration continue to ignore serious problems in their governance of the district.

If the Journal-Gazette wants to credit Dr. Green for her consolidation of the district, it should give the same courtesy to Dr. Yost rather than defend the status quo as desirable “momentum.”  A rearrangement of bricks and mortar is a poor substitute for a clear vision and a supportive environment that enables teachers and administrators in the field to deliver an excellent education to EACS’s students.

Doug Powers

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