While it may surprise some, I was not disappointed when the endorsement of the Journal Gazette on my bid to be elected to the East Allen County School Board went to my competitor.

The history of this newspaper does not necessarily promote the best candidates. To a far greater extent, the Journal endorsements typically promote their own “agenda.”

The title of their article endorsing my opponentwas “Sustaining Momentum.” Really, we want to continue the path that has made our school district the laughing stock of Indiana?

I want change, change within the current administration and change in the micromanaging of principals and teachers. This cannot be accomplished by “sustaining.”

I want the EACS community to be heard, not just lip service, truly heard. Again, this won’t be done by “sustaining” our current path.

The choice is clear, support the Journal Gazette in “sustaining” EACS failing administration or support those who want to forge a new path.

I have received no funding from special interest groups. The only groups to whom I am indebted are the students, teachers, parents and taxpayers. I will give them my time and my willingness to listen.

I’m Robert (Bob) Nelson and I am asking for your vote for East Allen School Board at Large.

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