Let me preface this rant by disclosing that I am a 55 year old man (OM).  As a “seasoned” adult, I truly enjoy using social media (SM).  Without question, the conveniences of e-mail, texting, Facebook  (FB) and Twitter (TW) have enabled me to move at a faster, better informed, and more efficient pace, but at what cost?  What is this modern technology doing to the social fabric of our society and, in particular, our youth?

I am increasingly concerned that younger adults (YA) fail to fully consider that inappropriate usage of this technology cannot only harm their friends and families, but can seriously damage their own personal reputations.  One fairly obvious impact of techno gadgets and apps can be seen in today’s oral communication.  Not only do techno junkies struggle to engage in face-to-face conversations, their ability to write a complete and proper sentence is seriously lacking (LOL).

Before posting, I wish users (both young and old) would take a moment to consider what their photos and posts may be reflecting about who they really are.  Specifically, I’m tired of seeing young females (YF) and young males (YM) using the “F” bomb (FITB)!  Case in point, a recent post from a 16 year old NHHS female read “it sucks to be sober on New Year’s Eve … F-this.”  Another states in her profile “F-Indiana” and yet another posted “F-my family”.  By the way (BTW), these are all “normal” kids from good families.  There’s an old saying that goes “it’s 10 o’clock; do you know where your kids are?”  Well, today, there’s a good chance your kids are on the computer.  Comforting to know they are nearby, but do you know what they are “doing?” (KPC).

By now, many you may be saying, shut up you fool (SUYF).  Why are you even on TW or FB?  The answer is simple–they are both good business AND social tools. Via Twitter (TW) you can follow news, weather and sports.  With Facebook (FB), you can stay in touch with family and friends (and you get to see a lot of pictures of dogs)!  Even as an OM, I try to exercise caution when using social media.  Once you hit send or post, it is there for all to see and, like it or not, you’ll be judged on what you’ve sent.  Today’s innovation and technology are phenomenal tools when used wisely and with discretion.

In closing, I encourage all parents to stay in touch with your kids (SIT) and monitor their computer habits.  Remind them frequently of the potential impact of their actions.  Yes, go ahead and nag them—that’s what parents are supposed to do!  Remind them that someone (including potential employers) is always watching–and reading and, above all, lead by example.

Time for me to get off my soap box (GOMSB–I made this one up) and creep on my kids’ Facebook accounts.  Hope you’ve enjoyed my two cents worth (.02). What is your opinion–on anything?  Send your opinions/commentaries to newhavenbulletin@gmail.com.


Bob Nelson


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