by Steve Gordon

Two different boards met in separate meetings Tuesday on behalf of business for the city of New Haven.

The Board of Works authorized spending in excess of $100,000 dollars on equipment and services.  The police department will be purchasing three new vehicles and the utilities department will also be adding new trucks to replace current vehicles.

One vehicle for the police department is to replace a damaged cruiser, while the remaining two all wheel drive cars will be used as multipurpose unmarked and marked transports.

The utility department is replacing vehicles that are high mileage and experiencing excessive repair needs.

The Board also approved to purchase the services of American Legal Publishing to update the ordinances of New Haven into a more uniform codification system.  These will eventually all be available online and include a search feature.  The cost of this agreement will be $13,775.

The New Haven City Court will be allocating more than $16,700 to purchase 2 new video systems to be installed in Indiana State Police cruisers.  The systems can record activity inside and outside of the vehicle.  The system has a rolling 30 second delay that can record 30 seconds previous to the actual activation of the video by the officer.  It will document violations and evidence gathered by officers.

Dave Jones, the utility director did indicate that he may be modifying rules regarding utility bill adjustments in the future.  He may require that a customer seeking an adjustment to their bill would be required to appear before the Board of Work personally.  No final decision was made.

The New Haven Plan Commission met Tuesday evening, even though there were no scheduled agenda items.  The eleven member board did participate in an informal training session, led by the group’s attorney, Pat Hess.  He reviewed specific topics for the benefit of the board that did include newly appointed members.  Issues that were discussed included: board member conflict of interest, the Indiana Open Door Law, procedures for public hearings, general procedures for the planning process, and a general discussion of the city’s comprehensive plan.

Planning director, Brian Yoh, did state that he expected future meeting agendas to be busy as there are several development projects being proposed in the near future.


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