Thom Moore, of New Haven, Indiana, was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. Since his diagnosis, he has undergone chemo, surgery, and another round of chemo. Many families hit with unplanned cancer hardships are put into financial struggles even when the families have insurance coverage.

Below are articles that stress the financial responsibilities families undertake when an illness unexpectedly takes over your lives.

A USA Today articles talks about the high cost of cancer treatment, even for those with good insurance.

“Their out-of-pocket expenses averaged $712 a month for doctor visits, medicines, lost wages and travel to appointments. To pay for cancer drugs, half spent less on food and clothes, and 43 percent borrowed money or used credit. Also, 26 percent did not fill a prescription, 22 percent filled part of one and 20 percent took less than prescribed.”

This is where a community can work together to raise funds through several fundraisers to help families with medical expenses. Browse through this website to see how you can help through a chicken dinner, a cash donation, or bid on an auction for a trip to South Africa.

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