EACS Students Excited About First in Math Statewide Competition

Students from Kindergarten through eighth grade state wide have solved over 22 million math problems through the First in Math Online Program, a dynamic, self-paced, web-based mathematics practice program that has been proven to help students master math skills through the use of game-style activities that provide immediate feedback.

Cedarville and Leo Elementary students were recently recognized for their achievements during an awards ceremony at each school. Leo Elementary sixth grade students ranked #1 in Indiana. Cedarville Elementary students ranked #1 among East Allen County Schools, and the #2 school in Indiana.

Review the amazing stats for EACS students:

  • The total number of problems solved by EACS students (grades 1-8) — 22,371,867
  • Average number of problems/EACS student — 3,644
  • Total problems solved by Leo Elementary students — 3,162,432
  • Average problems/Leo Elementary student — 5,333
  • Total problems solved by Cedarville Elementary students — 4,424,649
  • Average problems/Cedarville Elementary students — 6,045
  • #1 School EACS – Cedarville Elementary, also #2 in Indiana
  • #1 Team EACS – Cedarville Elementary teacher Mr. Lawrence Linson’s 3rd grade team “quark66in”, also #1 team in Indiana out of 1,000 teams!
  • #1 Player EACS — New Haven Middle School player “23carpool7in” out of 6,100 players in Ms. Vanderbilt’s 8th grade period 1 class, also #2 eighth grade player Indiana.

The First in Math program has already helped millions of students achieve proficiency in basic and advanced math skills in thousands of schools across the country. Numerous school districts have seen standardized test results in math improve dramatically as a result of using the program.

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