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Crumback Chevrolet has an updated name and a new image but they are still “A dealership you can trust”. Russ Crumback, Owner and Manager of Crumback Chevrolet said, “We treat people the way we like to be treated and I think that is important. When you walk into our dealership we like to establish relationships. We like to invite our customers as guests and like to make them comfortable. What a neat and comforting feeling to be recognized by whoever the proprietor is. That feeling is what we like to establish here.”

Auto dealership has been a long established family tradition in the Crumback family. “My father has been in the business his entire life as was his father, my grandfather. So I think it is essentially in the blood,” Crumback shared. Crumback’s father began as a service manager in Dayton, Ohio. He was allowed to gain his first dealership in 1966 in the small town of Piqua which is just north of Dayton. That is where the Crumback family started their journey into dealership ownership with a Chevrolet Cadillac Oldsmobile dealership.

The Crumback family stayed in Piqua till 1971 which brought them to their present location in New Haven. Crumback’s father started the business with Bruce Symons. Bruce Symons was at the time a dealer in Van Wert, Ohio. Bruce and Crumback’s father were long time friends and when this particular point became available, Bruce joined the Crumback family in dealership as Crumback-Symons Chevrolet. Symons left the dealership in 1980.  Crumback commented, “Bruce left us to go to Florida. He had no financial interest in the business; we just never changed the name. My dad feared the fact that there might be some kind of impression by the public that there was some uncertainty in our business due to the recession in 1980, and so he just left it that way.”

“Bruce passed away a year ago in February,” continued Crumback, “And given with the reimage and renovation of the dealership, dad said ‘why don’t we just go ahead and change the name’. So we just condensed it to Crumback Chevrolet.”

Crumback Chevrolet is a franchised Chevrolet dealership. They sell new and used cars and trucks and they provide service for all types of vehicles. They also have a full service body shop. Crumback said, “We are what you would call a full service dealership; across the board.”

A side of car dealership that most people might not know is how much counseling is involved. Crumback said, “We are probably involved in a family’s second greatest purchase in their budget after their home. We have to be a kind of counselor of sort, everybody that comes through the door is unique. They each have a different set of needs; they have a different set of circumstances whether it is financial challenges or other issues such as that. And I enjoy that. People share with us things that they don’t share with a lot of other people and I value that. I enjoy that part of my business.”

Being that Crumback Chevrolet is in a predominant location, the corner of 930 and Werling Road, as they began their remodeling project, it seemed everyone in New Haven was watching. Finally on February 20, Crumback Chevrolet rolled out their new image at a New Haven Chamber of Commerce Meet Me @ 5 event. Crumback said, “We were excited to roll out and share our new facility and look. When you have a new suit its fun to roll it out.”

When asked about what the future holds for Crumback Chevrolet, Crumback said, “Obviously we made a substantial commitment with our renovation. There was a lot of decision making and a lot of praying involved around the simple fact, that if you make a financial commitment of this size, you hope there is a future involved.” Crumback has plans to stay with the business as long as he is willing and able. “And as long as my wife will allow me to.” Their focus for the future is just to grow the business and be a part of the community as they have always been.

Crumback Chevrolet has been involved in the community’s sports teams since they began. Crumback Chevrolet has sponsored a little league team since day one. So by this time they have sponsored several generations of ball players.  This year they sponsored one of the small basketball teams; the Bulldog Basketball Team. They were a team of 9 and 10 year olds that played Upwards Basketball for the New Haven United Methodist Church. They have always been strong supporters of the high school sporting events, whatever that may be. “If you are part of community, you need to give back to community, I think that is very important and we support as much as we can,” commented Crumback. “It’s fun to be a part of the youth in the community.”

Crumback Chevrolet has been a member of the New Haven Chamber of Commerce since 1986. Leon Davis a previous employee of Crumback Chevrolet who retired in 2010 was part of the Chamber Board of Directors for six years. Crumback Chevrolet supported many of the Chamber events throughout the years. Crumback said, “The networking benefit is immeasurable, because its word of mouth; its reputation. I can’t tell you how many emails I got from people I just met at the Meet Me @5. When we did our project, our general contractor and all of my subcontractors were people we do business with here locally, every one of them. We were very excited about that. And probably most of them were chamber members.”

Crumback’s final statement was, “A business is only as good as the people that work inside it. You can have a nice new façade a nice new shell, but if its not inhabited by people that care and are passionate about what they do its all for naught.”

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