Alex Is Fueling Up The Car For Some Adventures!

by Beth Stauffer

Times are tight for a lot of families, and many can’t afford to take extravagant vacations, or any vacations, for that matter.  ‘Staycations’ are the hip new thing to do this summer, but personally I’ve always loved the time-honored tradition of the road trip—piling in the car with the family (or friends!) and taking off to destinations previously unseen for the day on a tank of gas.

I know I’m not the only one who loves to go day trippin’….and so I want to know where your favorite day trip destinations are in the 175 – 200 miles or less radius from New Haven!  Submit your destination to me at, along with why you think it’s a great place to visit, and I will pick a few to go check out with a few of my favorite people for a feature story in New Haven Bulletin.  Please send those ideas in by June 30th, 2013, and I’ll get my little red Honda Civic fueled up and ready to roll!

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