by Beth Stauffer

The New Haven High School band will make a significant, albeit short term, change on Thursday, June 27th and Friday, June 28th of this week; instead of remaining a typical high school band program, during the hours of 8 am-6 pm on Thursday and 8 am-3 pm on Friday they will serve as a ‘Garage Band’ of sorts as they host an indoor Garage (Band) Sale at NHHS on Green Street to raise money for the band program.

According to Mr. Todd Caffee, the garage sales held in previous years for the band have been successful fundraisers for the program thanks to the support of the community, and everyone is more than welcome to come to the sale and shop on Thursday or Friday.

On Thursday, the Garage Sale will coincide with a blood drive at NHHS by the American Red Cross from 1 pm to 6 pm.  If 30 or more units of blood are donated during this time, the Red Cross will donate $300 to the New Haven High School Band Program.  The blood drive will take place in the commons, and no appointment is necessary so if are able to give blood and would like to support the band program at NHHS, stop on by.

For those of you who may aspire to be the next Master Garage Sale Shopper (or for those of you who may just want a few helpful hints to make the most of your trip to the New Haven Garage (Band) Sale today), here’s some helpful advice from auction manager and antiques dealer Lila Beverly, who spent her weekends for 15 years scouring sales looking for treasures to resell for a profit.  Her top ten tips are:

  1. Do not show up before a sale begins and lie your way into getting a preview of the merchandise.  (For example, “I have to get to my mother’s funeral” is probably not a very good excuse.)
  2. With this being said, go early in the morning, as soon as the sale starts.  The good stuff always goes fast.
  3. Take plenty of cash in small bills, and take more than you think you’ll need. Most sellers won’t take checks. If you find an unexpected treasure, someone else will likely snag it while you’re hunting for an ATM.
  4. Plan your method of attack in advance to make sure you hit the best of the advertised sales. It’s a treasure hunt. Think of your plan as the map where X marks the spot — or spots, as may well be the case.
  5. Watch for yard sale signs, and take a detour if you find one pointing to an unadvertised sale nearby. Unadvertised sales don’t get as much traffic, and you might score big. You can pick up your original trail afterward.
  6. Drive your largest vehicle or pull a trailer, especially if you’re hoping to find furniture.
  7. Don’t be afraid to haggle when you’d like a lower price. If the seller won’t budge, swing back by later in the afternoon — when the sale is about to end and the seller is tired.
  8. Don’t overlook pieces that just need a little cosmetic work, but beware of costly repairs that will exceed the item’s value.
  9. Imagine how you could use items instead of getting stuck on their original purpose. For example, a piece of iron fencing makes a good headboard or pot rack. You can reupholster furniture with the good parts of a damaged rug, or use an old chenille bedspread as a tablecloth.
  10. Don’t buy something if you can’t figure out what it is or how to use it. Clutter is not treasure!

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