I’m mad!  At the last minute I decided to  join the New Haven Adams Township EMS MEMBERSHIP since we no longer have health insurance. The stated fee was $55.00 for a year.
My bank account was $5.00 off so I started going over it line by line. There was a $60 charge from the city of New Haven. I found the membership letter and the only fee stated in that letter was the $55.00. It said nothing about a processing fee.
First I called the number in the letter, she explained that if it was a credit card, then the City of New Haven added a processing fee of $5.00. Then she referred me to the city water department. They said yes there was a processing fee to cover the credit card fees, because the  processing fees are not in the city budget and its not fair for the taxpayers of New Haven to pay those fees.
I believe that my card was fraudulently charged. There was not any mention of an additional fee for credit cards. They charged me almost 10% processing fee. I operate a small business and my processing fees are less than 3%!   Is our city so insensitive to the economy that they need to charge their citizens a high percentage for processing fees?
Sarah J Stinson

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