by Taylor Weddle

Have you ever played an intense game of “Warmer/Colder”? Do you enjoy hiding random objects? Is Hide-And-Go-Seek a thrill for you? If so, geocaching may be the thing for you.

Geocaching, a treasure hunting activity, has been around for about 10 years. The first documented geocache was placed in Beavercreek, Oregon on May 3rd, 2000. The items were a log book, a pencil, some books, a slingshot and video games, among other things, in a black bucket. It sounds completely useless and strange, but it’s actually a ton of fun. It’s an outdoor game that requires a GPS tracking device or a virtual map to find hidden items. It’s a pretty interesting activity to do, and can bring out the curious kid in you.

All geocachers need is a pencil, a GPS of some sorts, and maybe an item to switch stuff out. You can register for free online to join in on the fun with local geocachers. You can put the longitude and latitude coordinates in, and go on an adventure. The golden rule of geocaching is if you take something to leave something, especially of equal or greater value. It’s also common courtesy to report in the log book when you visited, who you are, and if you took or placed an item in the spot. Most caches are in Tupperware containers, but there are many sorts of caches that involve tasks to do as well.

Geocaching can be done in over 100 countries, and are places in every continent. You can look up on to find caches in your area. It’s literally a global phenomenon.

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