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By Taylor Weddle

A very well-known young man named Zach Labie is quite the people person. He can talk to anyone about anything and always tries to get the students of New Haven involved. Zach is passionate about forming relationships with students and hopes to positively impact them. He is the friend you go to when you need to talk and always has your back. His goal is to build relationships with the adults in the high school as well in the rest of the community. If you’re a New Haven resident, there’s a great chance you’ve heard of Zach or have met him in passing. He is the Campus Life Director of New Haven, and a 2008 New Haven graduate. After joining Campus Life in high school, he was deeply impacted by his director to be around others. Luckily, that job is all about being around the students and staff of New Haven. He enjoys meeting new people and getting to know them, motorcycle riding, and just having a great time.

Favorite TV show?: Amazing Race. My cousin and I have always talked about applying for the show; being in the race, traveling the world, and competing for the prize

Dream Job?: My dream job; being lead guitar in a famous rock band. Being a rockstar (I don’t know if this counts or not)

Favorite Restaurant?: Chik-fil-a or Panda Express. Since we don’t have these restaurants in New Haven, any time I’m up North or Southwest I stop and get one or the other.

Any pets?: Never had any pets?

Favorite song?: I would say right now my favorite song would be Radioactive by Imagine Dragon

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