by Taylor Weddle

Most New Haven residents are aware of, and many have utilized, the tunnel that runs beneath Interstate 9-30 allowing access to the high school and the middle school without having to cross the busy highway.  The middle school football and track/cross country teams all use the tunnel as a shortcut to the stadium for practice. Others use it simply as a safer route. When the tunnel was built in the 1960s, safety was its intended purpose.  Unfortunately, it has become a site for vandalism and littering as well.  If you have traveled the tunnel, you have undoubtedly noticed the ever-present odor of urine, which lends itself to the urban legend of the Tunnel Ghost.

As legends go, a ghost is typically part of the scenario—in this case, a homeless man who made the tunnel his home.  The legend claims that in the 70’s, this particular homeless man was beaten by a group of sixth graders following a basketball game.  The man was left to die while countless students walked by poking him with sticks and kicking him.  “Fat Mikey,” a particularly rebellions seventh grader, took it one step further, actually urinating on the victim.

The victim’s body was allegedly not reported until weeks after the incident, but when police arrived to recover the body, it was nowhere to be found. All that remained were bits of clothing and some bones. Some claim he was swallowed up by the “Federal Dogs of Lincoln Highway,” while others say he decomposed into the ground of the tunnel. The legend claims he returns every night to urinate in the tunnel and when there is a basketball game, waits for children to frighten.  Some pedestrians swear they have heard voices and even felt like they were being touched.

Not that walking anywhere at night is safe, but it’s always best to have a buddy when passing through the tunnel!

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