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by Taylor Weddle

Kari Scott is a 1993 graduate of Leo high school. Kari attended Brown Mackie and graduated with highest honors in 2007. She met her husband in August of 1994, became engaged in November 1994, and the two married on March 11, 1995.  Kari’s husband, John, was in the Air Force. She has been a New Haven resident since 2001. Kari has three sons: John, age 17, David, age 15, and Andrew, age 12.

For the past three years, Kari has been an active Band Mom, due to her son, David’s, participation in the high school marching band for now four seasons, with this season being his first as a drum major. Band parents are basically the staff of the band that don’t get paid; however, show up to almost every practice and supply meals or even medical attention. The word “parent” is emphasized in this arrangement. When you sign up to be an involved parent, you pretty much sign a contract to co-adopt a couple dozen other children. Kari, among other parents in this program, have sold their souls until their children graduate, sometimes even beyond. As Band Booster president, Kari has to organize fundraisers and competitions, communicate with other parents, and assist the band director, Todd Caffee, when needed. If you’ve heard of Dance Moms, you may find it similar to being an active band parent. Typically, it is less dramatic and competitive, but it still has intense moments. “During the fall, it keeps me very busy. Does it stress me out? With everything you do there is a level of stress.  It’s how you cope with that stress that determines if you can keep doing it.” When Kari gets to be with the band, she not only appreciates being with her son and a part of his activities, but gets to be around 30 other kids who share the same passion. She enjoys interacting with these other children whom she believes have the strength and potential to achieve success in life. She is very helpful and supportive, even when times are hard.

It’s certainly not easy, and sometimes even dangerous. Last year, the band traveled to a competition at East Noble High School. When you volunteer to help, that sometimes includes passing out water to the band members. Seems simple and not at all dangerous, right? Well, one memory Kari won’t soon forget occurred when she was passing out water to the color guard at this particular competition. No one really expects to be hit in the face with a flag but, unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened causing Kari to suffer a broken nose. Luckily, her nose is better now, but she has had difficulty smelling, and has some facial nerve problems.

Not only is Kari a wonderful mother, she is also a certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, and has been for 6 years. Kari enjoys her job because she finds it “very rewarding to help someone regain their independence when they have been injured or ill.”

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