The St. Paul Lutheran Church (Gar Creek) celebrated 100 years of service to the church this year with a luncheon at Richard’s Restaurant in Fort Wayne.  Edna Hockemeyer organized the event and shared some history about the origins of the group.  On September 21, 1913, the ladies of the congregation remained after the service for the purpose of organizing a Ladies Aid Society to assist the members in practicing works of love and charity.  The first president was “Frau” Pastor Beyer and the secretary-treasurer was “Frau” William Wesling.  At first, the meetings were held after the church service until 1920 when the ladies decided to hold meetings in the homes of the members.

Some of the organizations receiving their charitable contributions were:  The Lutheran Hospital and Concordia College in Fort Wayne, Pilgrim House in New York, London Relief, the “poor” in Germany, Lutheran Home (Watertown, Wisconsin), Martha Society, Negro Mission, and Luther Institute.  When the new church building was underway in 1928, the ladies agreed to buy the church pews, altar, pulpit and baptismal font for the new church.  They also contributed toward the new pipe organ.  To help raise money for this venture they organized events like a lunch stand, chicken suppers, and a veal dinner.  They worked very hard considering the price of a dinner was 35 or 40 cents for an adult, and 25 cents for children.  The ladies have also gathered for many social events such as Christmas, Birthday, and pinochle/euchre card parties.  In order to handle the growing membership, meetings were moved back to the church in 1948 and this is where they are still held today.  These days, the Ladies Aid meets every Thursday to quilt and the first Thursday of each month their meeting is held.  The group’s profits go to various areas. Recently, the ladies donated 23 knotted baby quilts to the Hope Pregnancy Center.  Within the last year, the group donated funds for the new stained glass windows in the Narthex.  Soon they will assemble gift boxes for shut-ins at Christmastime and hand-deliver each one. The current President is Betty Hickox, Vice President is Malinda Meyer, Treasurer is Carol Zelt, and Secretary is Beverly Hoeppnor.  “St. Paul’s Ladies Aid has contributed in many ways to the church, community and missionaries,” according to a group spokesperson. “God has been faithful and so good to preserve the work for 100 years.”

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