by Taylor Weddle

When it comes to seasons, hands down, fall is the best!  Of course, you can argue that any other part of the year is great, but fall just has so many great qualities. There are occasional downsides, but I don’t think any other season is more celebrated and appreciated.  Fall brings with it a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors, the onset of the holiday season, plus new forms of entertainment including football games, bonfires and craft shows.  Fall weather is borderline spectacular, not too chilly and not too hot.

Fall is also the season of pumpkin!  There is pumpkin everything! Starbucks and it’s many competitors offer signature seasonal beverages such as Pumpkin Spice Latte. The pumpkin possibilities are endless — pumpkin drinks, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread and even pumpkin potpourri!  Between the beauty of the season, the Halloween and Thanksgiving festivities, and the bountiful fall decorations, how can you help but get into the spirit of fall?

The beauty of fall displays itself vividly in the transforming landscape. The changing leaves are so vibrant and it is downright therapeutic to travel the streets absorbing the beauty of the season. Every shade of red, orange, and yellow imaginable is on display.  Unfortunately, one of the few downsides of fall stems from this colorful transformation . . . raking leaves is possibly the single worst worldly thing ever. Why must gathering leaves be so time-consuming and tedious? Why isn’t it acceptable to let the leaves remain through the winter and let them naturally decompose? The only good thing about leaves on the ground is when they are in a pile to jump in.

One other consequence of fall is that it ultimately leads to winter. Ugh.  Don’t get me wrong, I love snowball fights, making snow angels and Christmas, but I hate the bitter temperatures and wind chills. It is also unfortunate that Thanksgiving tends to be overshadowed by Christmas due to the retailers fervor to get us into the spirit of spending! It seems as though before trick-or-treaters have even suffered their first candy overload meltdown or stomach ache, the Christmas decorations are already on full display. My own family’s rule of thumb has always been not to put up the lights or tree until Black Friday. Anything beforehand is just way too soon. To each his own, but that’s how we roll.

Despite the weather peaks and valleys of the Midwest, I consider it a great place to live.  I love the beauty of all four of our seasons, but would miss the fall the most. When the weather cooperates, Autumn can be completely awesome.  Being bundled up, but not padded down, and sipping hot chocolate or apple cider is my idea of a good time. Autumn offers countless possibilities of beauty and enjoyment for all ages and every walk of life.  Get out and enjoy it!

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