As of this morning, here are the 47 responses coming from the New Haven Bulletin and the email requests.
Yes – 9 votes – 13%
No – 56 votes – 84%
Didn’t say either way – 2 votes – 2%

1.) I think it’s a great thing.  The fact that they have to have the turn signals and lights and registration makes it easy for law enforcement to police.  Many cities and towns already allow them and they have far less strict laws and few to no problems.  Most people are going to run them in their own addition.  You can get just about anywhere going thru an addition so that you won’t have to be on a busy road IE Green, Moeller, ETC.  My belief that if anyone says its dangerous than we need to get the mopeds off 930.  The city isn’t making any money selling them permits and they can go anywhere???

2.) Please NO golf carts… This ordinance will be as difficult to enforce as the current moped rules are to enforce.  The golf cart ordinance may not even be enforced, just as the moped rules are many times not adhered to by citizens.

3.) I see no reason for a golf cart anywhere outside of a golf course.  New Haven has busy highways and some crowded streets.  Observing how scooter riders and school buses can be mistreated on the road, I just don’t think adding golf carts is a smart idea. If this ordinance passes will it include ATVs?  The very description of a road worthy golf cart fits the ATV description to a T.  If the ordinance passes the description needs to be very clear as to what it does and doesn’t allow.

4.) NO! Terrible Idea! New Haven should not allow golf carts on city streets. This has got to be one of the worst idea’s I have ever heard coming from City Council. This is the same council that has been trying to figure out how to get mopeds off the streets and now they want to add golf carts. We have too much traffic and not a lake or closed community, please no golf carts or 4 wheelers on city streets.

5.) Yes to golf carts

6.) No on golf carts

7.) Absolutely NO to golf carts

8.) NO. We are not a lake community. We are not a golf course. We are not a campground. Councilman Werling thinks these will contribute to the “quality of life” for our senior citizens. What senior citizen on a limited income will be able to afford the adapted version of a golf cart? If this should pass City Council (and I am having a hard time believing they are spending so much time, money and effort on this
ordinance) just remember it will come to the Board of Public Works and Safety. This board will have the final say in what streets the carts
may be driven on. All in the name of safety. Just sayin’.

9.) NO, kinda funny it’s the “old guys who want them” Go south and retire if you want a golf cart.

10.) Please No to carts… BTW don’t you have better things to do?


12.) Our vote is NO. There is enough to watch around town with bicyclist and pedestrians. We do not see the need for them when there are plenty of ways to get around town already. The city has put in beautiful sidewalks all around town…use them.

13.) I’m most disappointed with Councilman Werling for bringing this up again. I’m a retired person that thinks Mr. Werling should know better. This is for a lake community, not the city of New Haven. The lesson here is keeping asking until you get your way. Shame on you Mr. Werling.

14.) NO NO NO…

15.) Yes but only in named subdivisions and complexes that meet stated requirement, with reasonable restrictions re. safety (lights, limits on number of passengers, minimum age (driver’s license), etc.).  No on any other streets, especially if speed limit is more than 30 MPH.

16.) Mark me as a “heck” NO.

17.) My wife and I have lived in New Haven all of our lives, we didn’t need it the first time Mr. Werling brought it up to council and we don’t need it now.

18.) Rumor on the street is four members of council really don’t care what we think… Why not put it on the ballot, that’s right because it might fail.

19.) It’s a done deal, certain member will NOT change their minds (I use that term loosely).

20.) Please NO

21.) NO

22.) no


24.) For my wife and me, please put us down as a No

25.) Are you kidding me… NO

26.) I have also had various NO votes verbally given to me, (editor Bob Nelson), I have yet to get a yes.

27.) I do not believe Golf carts should be on City streets. More than 40,000 people are injured every year in Golf cart accidents. In addition adding slow moving golf carts on roads such as Hartzell, Moeller, Werling and Green roads makes no sense to me.
Please attend the City Council meeting on November 26 at 7pm and give your opinion on Golf Carts being allowed on City streets. Bob Byrd, New Haven City Councilman 4th District

28.) NO

29.) No

30.) Just like Florida – lol

31.) Yes

32.) Yes

33.) Yes

34.) Yes

35.) Our state has an obesity problem; let’s encourage more walking, biking, jogging and less motorized options.   Walk around your neighborhood or ride your bike.   Don’t turn New Haven into a junky campground.

36.) “terrible idea”

37.) No golf carts in New Haven.  It is just ridiculous to think of having golf carts running around anywhere in New Haven.  When people speed in the additions like they do in ours, there will surely be an accident involving a very slow moving vehicle in the city.

38.)  City Council Should Vote NO!!!  New Haven is a well populated city, with major traffic routes. The towns of Hamilton, Monroeville Woodburn and Grabill (towns cited as having golf carts being used) have a lower population count and much less traffic than New Haven. We have to watch out for motorcycles, scooters, trucks running red lights, mopeds, we don’t need anymore distractions on the roads.

39.) NO.  I just don’t think it is necessary nor do I understand where they are going to be allowed to be driven – what around the neighborhoods only or will they be able drive them to church? If we want to be a city then lets be a city, if we want to be a hillbilly town then fine.

40.) NO.  I would approve only if the carts have enough power to keep up with the flow of traffic. We don’t need more vehicles impeding traffic like some of the scooters. There must be some kind of check-up before a license could be approved.

41.) I realize we can’t eliminate the mopeds because of state law.  We can keep another hazard off the road though.  Please vote No!

42.) Vote no please!  How many people can afford the golf carts equipped as they need to be to be legal?  It seems really stupid to cause all this commotion and stress for just a few people.

43.) Thanks for the copy of the Golf Cart Ordinance.  The many concerns I had about this ordinance are clearly addressed.  I think the fees, restrictions for drivers and passengers are logical and safety issues are inline with what I would expect.  I can see the carts could be a clear advantage to people who live in the apartments close to Kroger and Walgreens.  I tend to associate golf carts with retirement communities and there may be far fewer of them on the streets than I first thought due to the restrictions placed on them.  Local businesses may see a bump in business to make the carts  street legal.

Soo, I think it’s worth a try, if it doesn’t work well I’m sure the ordinance will get a fix.  But I do think it’s silly.

44.) I hope you’re not serious.  This is an accident waiting to happen.  Why ask for trouble?

45.) This is patently stupid.  Do those in favor of this insane ordinance actually believe golf cart drivers will not drive in the winter?  Or in the rain?…

46.) Sounds like a cluster -  I just do not see the point or need for them to be allowed to be driven downtown – heck Martin at one time hated mopeds and now he is ok with golf carts.  – I could see him allowing golf carts to be drive around his neighborhood – but I just do not see the need to be allowed on any street outside of a neighborhood – so then want would be the point of have a this ordinance and more so if Board of Works votes against.
This is crazy there are more important issues – than this.

47.) Please do not vote to allow golf carts on New Haven roads. That is not something we need in our community. What’s next 4 wheelers?

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