Joshua Jank (20) is defying the odds in his battle against the liver/lung
disorder Hepatopulmonary Syndrome, complicated by Sickle Cell Anemia.
Given days to live last August, Josh rallied through a number of difficult
times and has been blessed with five months to pursue his “Go Make A
Difference” list.

Near the top of Josh’s “Go Make A Difference” list is adoption and orphan
care. Josh’s love for farming is giving him an opportunity to raise money
through a “Why I Farm” photo contest sponsored by Beck’s Hybrid Seeds. If
Josh comes in the top three winners, the award money will go exclusively
to adoption funding and orphans in need. (We’ve worked it all out with
Beck’s and a local farmer.) The award money (after taxes) could be between
$5,000 and $16,000.

Most of the photo contestants have had almost a year to collect votes by
the March 3rd deadline. Josh just signed up. He needs about 1,500+ votes a
day to make this dream come true. Maybe you can help make it happen.
You’re invited to vote every day.

To learn about Josh’s mission visit:

To vote for Josh, visit: Once at the site, head up to the
top right hand corner where it says, “VOTE”
Trouble voting? Contact Shawn Smith

Thanks! Together we can make a difference.

Run hard. Rest well.
Brenda … Josh’s mom

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