The newhavenbulletin.comĀ  received this today in our e-mail mailbox.


On Wednesday March the 19th, as we were driving our minivan on a tour of Midwestern colleges and universities, we had a punctured tire which needed replacement. We stopped at the New Haven Goodyear store just before closing, and waited for our turn as a gentleman reading a magazine was waiting too. After he left and our tire was replaced, we were stunned to know that this gentleman had taken care of the bill, $145. The gentleman did not leave his name, but after a lot of prodding, we found out that he was on the local Police force. Words cannot describe our appreciation for his random act of kindness. Having spent so much time on the road, it was a bright moment that made our day and left us in awe that the world, at least in New Haven, Indiana is still full of good people. THANK YOU and God Bless you.

Fadi, Mary, Danny and Alex Aramouni

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