New Haven Attendance Area

Jennifer Klug, New Haven Primary

Jennifer Klug is a Physical Education teacher. She has been teaching for 16 years at EACS! Favorite teaching moment: “I love when I have students try climbing the rock wall in our gym for the first time. Some of them have no fear and hop right on while others will cry and shake. But all of them learn and try to get better, teaching them perseverance, and it becomes their favorite activity.”





Rebecca Childs, New Haven Intermediate

Rebecca Childs is a 3rd grade teacher. She has been teaching 26 years and 21 of those years with EACS! Favorite teaching moment “My favorite moment was that of a student that I had in third grade. He was a very smart boy who had a quick temper and he had trouble controlling it, as well as a hard home life. I pushed him to do his best and he pushed back to do what he wanted. When he was 16, I ran into him at the grocery store. He told me he knew he wasn’t very nice to me, but that I was his favorite teacher and thanked me for caring.”





Bernadette Weller, New Haven Middle

Bernadette Weller is an Art teacher. She has been with EACS for 29 years! Favorite teaching moment: “After complaining for an entire 6 weeks a student said, “This is embarrassing and I don’t know if I should say it but I actually like art now!”






Troy Guenin, New Haven High

Troy Guenin is a Mathematics teacher. He has been teaching 9 years, all with EACS! Favorite teaching moment: “Any time a students says, “Thank you, for everything” has to rank towards the top of my favorite teaching moments.”

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