Part One… by: Adam Osenga D.C.

As Americans, we spent $8,233 per person on healthcare in 2010 according to the CDC.  The next highest country was Norway which spent $5388 per person.  Our healthcare system is great at saving lives, but we have started to migrate away from prevention.  Why wait to try to fix a problem if we can prevent it?  Prevention is easy if you dedicate yourself to making a change.  It is about eating well, exercising, thinking positively and Chiropractic adjustments.

Eating well is pretty straight forward. Eat a balanced diet with diverse foods of all different colors.  Select foods from the “rainbow”.  We eat a lot of refined, packaged foods that have the nutritional value of cardboard.  They are quite convenient however, but leave us full of inflammation and unsatisfied.  Eating more vegetables to get the needed vitamins and minerals is extremely important.  Consuming organic produce has come under fire recently in terms of whether it is more nutrient dense.  Whether it is more nutrient dense or not, is a battle that will continue.  One thing is for sure, the plants are not treated with potentially harmful chemicals that may have a detrimental effect on our bodies.  Eating animals that are fed their natural diets, such as grass fed cows and wild salmon, are greatly beneficial to a good diet.   Grass fed cows have better ratio of omega 3 fats which is a good fat that our body needs to function. Getting enough water is important.  Did you know that by the time we get thirsty our body is already slightly dehydrated? It’s the truth!  This is serious because our body is made of mostly water!  Eating a healthier diet can be more expensive and time consuming, but you will begin to feel better in a short amount of time.

Exercising comes and goes.  January 1st every year the gyms get busy and people set goals to become healthier.  By February 1st, most of those goals have already been put on the back burner.  The typical person should strive for about 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week as well as some light resistance training.  Children need about an hour a day of exercise.  This used to not be a problem but now there are so many games that entice children to stay inside and sit down.  With eating poor diets, this is another reason children are obese and taking cholesterol medications now-a-days.  Our bodies were intended to move.  Without movement, we start to become weak and deconditioned.  Starting an exercise program is no easy task.  One has to start slowly and set small goals.  Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t born a body builder.  Getting a fitness partner can help you stay accountable.  I recommend someone who is driven so that they will not give up easy.  Exercise has been shown to help lose weight, decrease depression, increase energy levels and improve sleep.

Most people believe that Chiropractors only treat back pain, neck pain, degenerative discs and headaches.  While we do have great success with these conditions, there is much more to Chiropractic.  Next time, I will discuss why it is important to have a healthy nervous system by way of Chiropractic adjustments and thinking positively… (part two tomorrow)

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