from the desk of Mayor Terry McDonald, awarded at the 2014 Canal Days Parade

Ladies & Gentlemen, back in 2012, the Mayor’s office established the “Bill Fritcha Memorial Award” to recognize an outstanding citizen who gives of themselves without notice, with a sense of community pride and never seeking recognition. This year we had several qualified candidates for the award.  The first recipient of this award was actively involved with the school system, served as a mentor working with youth, worked with individuals and worked with members of the church. This individual served as a mentor, adviser, and leader, and has been involved in the New Haven community in so many ways.  This individual demonstrated overall community involvement, dedication to the community, and was a true volunteer with humility.

Mayor McDonald and Carol Whitner

I would like to ask the Fritcha family to join me up here with the announcement and awarding of the “Bill Fritcha Memorial Award”.  It is my privilege to offer this award to Lynna Fritcha on behalf of her husband Todd Fritcha.  Todd showed a true sense of volunteerism and community spirit through all of his contributions.  Although we had to say goodbye to our friend Todd this past spring, he will forever be remembered for all of his contributions to New Haven community.

Next, I’d like to recognize the 2014 Recipient of this award.  This individual is a graduate of New Haven High School and was very instrumental in starting the New Haven Alumni Band back in 1991.  This person has worked with New Haven Alumni Band members and has led this group for 23 years.  She has also worked with the New Haven High School Band, the Junior High Band and worked with many kids to show them that “music lasts a lifetime”.

Our recipient this year has shown civic engagement, acts of kindness unknown to most, has made an impact on the community, and has kept the music going for years.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is also our privilege to present the 2014 Recipient of the “Bill Fritcha Memorial Award” to Mrs. Carol Whitner.


a note from Carol Whitner

To the Fritcha Family, The Mayor, The Park Board and the City of New Haven. I want to thank you for the Fritcha Memorial Award. I was very honored, surprised, appreciative and humbled.

I am proud to be a member of the NH Alumni Band and enjoy playing for New Haven on many occasions. It also takes all members of the band to make this happen.

Anyone can join us Monday nights for practice, we welcome new members.

Again thank you so much,


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