Robert’s Rants

Being a non-smoker I was really pleased when I heard that New Haven’s own Rack & Helen’s was going non-smoking on August 1st. More importantly, as a business owner I was also pleased that this was a decision made by the owners rather than by government intervention. In a July 17 Facebook release, Wes Anderson stated:  ”we have heard the overwhelming feedback from our customers and have decided to make a change in our business. On August 1, Racks will become a non-smoking establishment. We understand this is a major change. We also understand it may be unpopular to some of our most loyal customers. We hope we can continue serving each and every one of you.”

The announcement lit up social media. The Facebook page for New Haven Bulletin had over 36,000 views, 178 comments and 190 shares. These are unheard of numbers in the “local” social media world and the positive comments outweighed the negative feedback nearly 10 to 1.

Anderson went on to say “As a family owned business, we are especially excited to bring back our Family day on Sundays (something we had to sacrifice to keep smoking) and allow parents to bring kids back into Racks! We’ve said it before on here, but we truly have the best customers around.”

So, as a non-smoker (and for this publication), I decided to make a final trip into “smoking” Racks today, July 31st, and experience a final look at the ash trays (soon to be sold) while enjoying a $1 Busch Light in honor of this momentous occasion.  But this will be far from my final trip into Racks–who knows, I just may enjoy a smoke-free lunch here tomorrow.

Congratulations to one of New Haven’s finest establishments.  They employ a great staff and have some of the best food and fun to be found!  More importantly, congratulations to Wes, Pat and Myra Anderson for living the American Dream of owning your own business, working hard, and succeeding.  And once again at the end of the day, smoking or not, the owners of Racks made the decision. It’s their business…THAT’S THE AMERICAN DREAM.


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