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To better understand what occurs every Thursday afternoon at the First Baptist Church on Werling Road, I decided to experience it firsthand this past Thursday.  What I observed is best summed up by the Bread Ministry’s director, Rob Creek, who stated, “whatever God gives us, we give it away” . . . and boy do they give it away!

You have likely seen the sign and are aware of the weekly bread give-aways at First Baptist, but I was fortunate enough to be there for one of the two Thursdays a year when, in addition to handing out bread, the Church distributes an entire semi-truck full of food to needy families given to them by local groceries.  The semi was packed full of not only breads, but also crackers, chips, cakes, cookies, fruits, vegetables and countless other food items.

In all, over 1400 families were served in less than two hours!  This bread mission takes place every Thursday from 3pm to 5pm.  The bread flows like manna from heaven (or at least is touched by heavenly hands) as the women of the Church help to load each bag to the brim while the men load bags into the cars.  In the month of July alone, over 8500 families were served.

Pastor David Trimble states, “Our mission is simple.  We plan to do more and more for the community of New Haven.”  Accenting Pastor Trimble’s statement, recently the Men’s Association of First Baptist contacted New Haven High School’s athletic director, Dave Myers, to offer their services.  Myers was quick to enlist these men in laying down a significant amount of mulch on the school grounds which vastly improved the aesthetic appearance of the high school just in time for football season.

As I was leaving the church after this humbling experience, I noticed the script on the Church’s sign that read, You Shall Be Witnesses.  Clearly, the members and ministry of The First Baptist Church at 1716 Werling Road are doing just that.  We are blessed to have these caring servants in the New Haven community.


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