EACS board hopes to see lower bids on fuel costs

Jamie Duffy | The Journal Gazette

East Allen County Schools board members were hopeful Tuesday that lower fuel prices could result in lower annual prices the school district will pay to run its buses and other vehicles.

“Is there a point if they go down really low that you can change that?” board member Terry Jo Lightfoot asked in reference to the fuel prices the school will lock in Nov. 3 after bids are accepted next Tuesday. The board approved a resolution allowing business manager Kirby Stahly to accept bids and formalize an agreement with the winning bidder.

Stahly indicated bids for the 2015 calendar year “would be locked into that price,” no matter what happens to the cost of oil later.

Still, Stahly believes that bid prices the district will receive next week will be lower than the maximum prices allowed for 2014, set at $3.10 for unleaded gasoline and $3.42 for biodiesel fuel used for the district’s buses. “Our anticipation is that our bids will be much better than that,” Stahly said.


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