Dear Parent or Staff Member,

As you are aware, a large outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa has resulted in a few isolated cases of the disease among healthcare workers in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and healthcare agencies across the country are taking the necessary precautions to prevent the further spread of Ebola within the United States. The safety and well-being of our community is our highest priority. We are working with county healthcare providers, public safety and school systems to ensure that we have developed and implemented a coordinated plan to quickly identify and assess any potential health risks associated with travel to areas involved in the Ebola outbreak. As part of that strategy, we will be asking that signage be posted in various places throughout the community, including schools, asking people to alert front office staff if they have recently traveled to one of the high-risk areas. This will allow health officials to quickly evaluate and minimize any potential risk to the public. We have had a very successful and long-standing partnership with our county school systems and are very appreciative of their assistance in this important public health matter.


Deborah A. McMahan, MD

Health Commissioner, Fort Wayne Allen County Department of Health

POSTED: 10/28/14 at 7:27 am. FILED UNDER: News, Schools