We are writing in support of SB 200.  We also would like to encourage a more prudent approach to conserve tax payer dollars related to major academic changes and standardized testing.  Is it possible for Indiana State Board of Education “ to pause” any further testing until 2017 for technology (testing format) glitches until cleared up and better aligned for a statewide roll out? 2014-2015 ISTEP caused so much stress for students, teachers, staff, administrators and parents.  As tax payers it would be nice to see better methods and strategic processes used before rolling out only to have a stressful and costly backlash.   We live in a great state and have wonderful academics (Studies over the last 5- 10 years have show us to be 2nd to Massachusetts).  Why are we in such a hurry?  We encourage you to suggest a slowing of the pace and focus on quality.
Thank you for “all you do to serve Indiana!”
This is our state and your state, MAKE IT GREAT!
Mr and Mrs Paul Zurbuch

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