After 43 years, it could be easy to lose hope. But we’re not. After 58 million deaths, we might want to give up. But we won’t.
In 1973, activist judges on the Supreme Court made abortions legal up to the moment of birth and for any reason at all. This ruling changed the heart and soul of our country.
Two hundred years prior, our founders proclaimed our right to life in the Declaration of Independence. But that right was erased for the unborn by an activist Supreme Court. Abortion on demand was popularized. Abortion clinics popped up in communities across the nation. Pregnant women were told they were carrying only a blob of tissue.
Instead of simply accepting murder on demand, pro-life groups have risen up to fight this atrocity. These diverse coalitions unite over the simple truth: innocent, human life is precious and it deserves protection.
We have fought tirelessly for 43 years and we have much to show for it. Abortions peaked at a record high of 1.6 million deaths in 1990 but the rate continues to steadily fall. Here in Indiana, abortions have declined for six straight years and the current rate is less than half of its all time high.
Local pregnancy resource centers, like A Hope Center and Women’s Care Center, are providing life-changing support to mothers. Pro-life advocates care for women before, during and after pregnancy. According to estimates, 300,000 mothers chose life for their babies in 2015 because of these care centers.
Thanks to scientific advancements like 3-D ultrasounds and quality pro-life education, young people are engaged on this issue like no other generation. The National Democratic Party’s Chairwoman recently called young women complacent on abortion. What she fails to realize is that the young aren’t complacent. They are the ones leading marches, organizing petitions and exposing the abortion industry’s horrific practices.
We are forcing the media and the public to acknowledge the dirty practices of the abortion industry. Last summer, an undercover group started releasing video of high-level Planned Parenthood staff admitting they harvest and sell aborted baby body parts.
Legally, we’re making great strides. In 2015, state legislatures passed more than 50 pro-life laws. Included in that number were at least five in Indiana, including one I wrote that gives mothers the option to bury their babies and brings us one step closer to ending abortion. This year I introduced additional pro-life bills in the Indiana Senate, including one to prevent a Planned Parenthood-type harvesting and trafficking scandal in Indiana.
On the federal level, our elected officials are showing willingness to take up legislation that protects life and defunds the abortion industry. National Right to Life counts 10 roll call votes in the current House of Representatives and the pro-life side prevailed each time. The Senate recently mustered the votes to get a bill defunding America’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, to President Obama’s desk. Predictably, Obama vetoed it, showing we must elect a pro-life president this year for the sake of the babies.
While these victories advance our cause and are giving more babies birthdays, much work remains. We must double-down on our efforts to protect life and end abortion.
I am running for Congress because I am ready to take my pro-life passion to Washington. We cannot lose ground in Congress. Our pro-life congressman, Marlin Stutzman, must be replaced by an advocate willing to stand and fight for the babies. I will be that advocate. We cannot and will not wait another 43 years and 58 million deaths before we end abortion.
Liz Brown for Congress

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