One in six Indiana High School students have considered attempting suicide, and one in eight have made a plan for attempting suicide, according to Indiana Youth Institute 2015 research. In an effort to prevent youth suicide, multiple organizations have joined together to bring potentially life-saving school assemblies to East Allen County Schools.

East Allen County Schools is teaming up with RemedyLIVE, creator of the Get Schooled TourTM. RemedyLIVE is a web-based chat center with over 1,400 guests per day and staffed by over 100 staff who chat with youth that have struggles in their life. One suicide plan is averted per hour, connecting hurting youth to a meaningful conversation with someone who cares. The chat is available 24/7 and can be activated by texting the word REMEDY or LOOKUP to the number 494949. The week of September 23, East Allen Community Schools will be hosting The Get Schooled Tour.TM This school assembly is a one hour, high energy program, that combines live music, interactive polling, and motivating video, so students are engaged in making a difference within their school walls. It’s specifically tailored for teens in public schools to provide courage to share their secret struggles with caring adults and look for others around them that need support as well. The assembly is designed to be memorable and make a significant difference in the lives of the students that participate in it. Area organizations have also partnered with these events, including The Lutheran Foundation. The Lutheran Foundation’s new website, Look Up (, which focuses on mental/behavioral health and wellness, will be promoted so students will be aware of resources available to them. We are also thankful for our other sponsors who have made these events possible including: Sweetwater, Parkview Health, Chautauqua~Wawasee, All-Star Communications, Park Center,
Bowen Center, Sky Zone and Circle City Audio.

Get Schooled Tour Schedule for East Allen County Schools: Friday, September 23, 1:15 – 2:15 pm at Park Hill Learning Center (1000 Prospect Ave. New Haven) for New Haven Middle School.

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