1st Source Bank provides tips to protect consumers against ATM skimming fraud

South Bend, IN – 1st Source Bank is encouraging the public to be on the lookout for “skimming devices” placed on ATMs by thieves in an attempt to steal debit card numbers and PINs. ATM skimming fraud is increasing nationally and in our local area as well.

1st Source Bank itself recently detected skimming devices on a very small number of its ATMs, and the bank is actively monitoring and tracking debit and ATM card activity for any sign of fraudulent activity to rigorously protect customers. Impact to bank customers so far has been very minimal, and it is expected to remain very minimal. Customers of  1st Source Bank are protected from any financial loss from this type of fraud, and the bank is simply advising customers at this time to help be on the lookout and to report anything that appears to be suspicious.

Meanwhile, 1st Source Bank will continue to regularly inspect its ATMs along with all card activity, and the bank encourages consumers to vigilantly be on the lookout as well. 1st Source Bank offers the following tips and key points to know about ATM skimming:

  • Prior to use, examine the ATM to see if anything looks out of place. Be wary if the card slot seems out of place from the rest of the machine.
  • Jiggle the card reader. If it moves around when you try to jiggle it, something is possibly not right. A genuine card reader should be affixed to the ATM so well that it will not move.
  • Look for hidden cameras or keypad overlays used to capture customer PINs. Be sure to cover your hand when entering your PIN.
  • Be especially vigilant on weekends when thieves are most likely to place skimming devices on ATMs.
  • Notify police if you suspect a skimming device is present on an ATM.
  • Monitor your account daily and report suspicious transactions to your bank. 1st Source customers should call (574) 235-2000 or toll free 800 513-2360.

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