In my previous superintendent’s message, I emphasized the importance of communication.  I also emphasized our commitment to technology that has made it possible for EACS to be approved each year as an eLearning district with the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE).  Communication with the public will continue to be a high priority for EACS, as will technology.  Our commitment to technology is extremely important as we prepare students with the knowledge and the tools they will need to be successful in an ever-changing society.  Technology will be an integral part of their future.

Dr. Folks

Dr. Ken Folks

We recently received feedback from parents and patrons that our communication of fees regarding the iPads was not communicated clearly to the public.  Although all of the decisions regarding curriculum, course fees, and choice of technology device are part of the public record, we understand that it is difficult for everyone to stay abreast of all of the important decisions that affect education in EACS.    Although we made the information available to the public on our website, and at registration, we did not send a letter or utilize the school messenger to ensure everyone had access to the information about the changes in the iPad.  I am committed to learning from this experience to improve our communication in the future.  I apologize for the stress and anxiety that our community experienced over this issue.

Prior to my appointment as the new Superintendent for EACS in June 2013, our district had already made the commitment to select the iPad as the technology device.  The device was funded utilizing nearly $3.7 million from the Corporation’s Capital Projects Fund (CPF).  CPF funded a three year lease of the iPads.  We were able to stretch the life of the original iPads to a fourth year without any additional iPad purchase.  When the EACS Board of School Trustees received a recommendation from the administration in April, 2016, to fund a technology device for students, it was important to the Board that CPF not be utilized to fund the iPads.  The administration recommended that funding of the iPads be incorporated into the student fees for students in grades 7-12.  The Board of School Trustees approved the plan in May.  In June, the information regarding the iPad for the 2016-2017 school year was posted on the EACS website. The information was then made available to parents at registration.

Keeping everyone informed is a very important responsibility for EACS.  I encourage parents and the public to visit the EACS website frequently to stay up-to-date on issues and decisions in the district.  EACS will also communicate important information in a timely manner via other communication formats in order for parents and patrons to have access to information regarding the education of the students who attend EACS.  We strive to be your partner in education.  Thank you for your support!

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