Donated Dental Services Have a New Haven Resident Smiling Again

Dr. Valliere and Ron Umphrey

A New Haven retiree is crediting a donated-dental-services program with giving him a new smile and a new lease on life.

Ron Umphrey, age 72, worked for 30 years at a beer distributor and then managed a gas station. He has been diagnosed with high blood pressure and has cataracts in both eyes. He lives on a limited social security income.

Additionally, Ron was troubled by some oral health issues. His teeth were decayed and broken at the gumline. He was concerned about infection and being unable to eat a healthy diet.

Fort Wayne dentist Dr. Roger Valliere, a volunteer in the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program, came to Ron’s assistance. DDS is part of the Dental Lifeline Network • Indiana, a humanitarian program that provides access to dental care for people with disabilities, or who are elderly or medically fragile.

A $20,000 Delta Dental Foundation grant to Dental Lifeline Network • Indiana is helping nearly 320 vulnerable people like Ron receive desperately needed dental care this year.

Dr. Valliere extracted Ron’s infected teeth. Stoller Dental Lab, one of 144 volunteer labs in Indiana, donated a partial denture to Ron. Ron can now chew his food properly and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The Indiana DDS program has provided over $13.5 million in donated services to more than 4,500 patients since it began in 1991.

“We are proud to recognize the work being done by Dental Lifeline Network • Indiana,” said Teri Battaglieri, Delta Dental Foundation director. “By increasing access to affordable dental care, we can help improve the oral and overall health and well-being of adults by preventing serious health issues later in life.”

“Ongoing support from the Delta Dental Foundation is important to the coordination of dental treatment through our DDS volunteers,” said Dr. William C. Hine Jr., president of Dental Lifeline Network • Indiana. “These funds directly impact patient screening, scheduling of dentists, specialists and laboratories, allowing dentists to focus on providing care in their offices on their own schedule. We are extremely grateful to the Delta Dental Foundation.”

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