New Haven mayor: surge in economic activity to continue in 2017

By Kevin Leininger,

In terms of economic development, 2016 was by far the busiest year in his nearly two decades as New Haven’s mayor, Terry McDonald was expected to report in his annual state of the city address Monday — and 2017 is expected to bring more of the same, along with a request for temporary relief from sewage mandates. In addition to six job-creating projects in the pipeline, the Republican now in his 18th year as mayor said the city’s plan to acquire the federal government’s vast and vacant Casad Depot east of town could create a “thriving and productive industrial and technology center, with hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in assessed valuation, producing goods and service that are in demand, all while increasing the wages here in our region.” McDonald thanked the Capital Improvement Board for its recent award of up to $1 million dollars for acquisition of the depot and said the city is in the process of receiving quotes for an appraisal of the property while the federal government produces its own appraisal.


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