There is a place right here in New Haven, Indiana, where creativity and imagination reign. The minute you walk into Molly Rose & Company all of your senses are delighted. The first thing you notice is the pleasing scent of incense, candles and soaps tickling your nostrils. Then a myriad of shapes and colors refresh your eyes as you take in the display of creative objects. With music playing in the background and wind chimes tinkling in the breeze your fingers can’t resist touching the many unique items surrounding you.

Molly Rose and Company is much more than a shop of art and gifts. It is a comfortable, relaxed place to have fun with and around art. It’s a place that feeds your soul. Stop in and experience what they are all about. You’ll find many unique items – but it’s much more than that.

“We began to realize that there’s a very big interest in people wanting to do their own art or make their own things So we started offering classes – and that’s gotten very popular,” Molly explained. People enjoy coming in to learn new things and be creative.”

In addition to a monthly calendar, Molly Rose & Company will schedule private parties. “We’ve hosted birthday parties, sorority groups, bridal parties and we also do children’s classes & activities. If a business wanted to bring in a group of employees, or if a group of friends or relatives wants to come in, all they have to do is call me.”

Molly Wyrick, artist and owner of Molly Rose and Company is a true New Havenite. She grew up in New Haven and graduated from New Haven High School. She moved to Indianapolis, where she lived for 20 years and raised her 4 daughters – but now she’s happy to be back home. When Molly came back to New Haven, she said, she was inspired to start doing her art. “And we decided we could bring art to the community. We wanted to gather and include other artists in the area.”

All of the art and unique items at Molly Rose and Company come from artists that are from  the New Haven area or are somehow connected to the area or Molly or one of the other artists. “I don’t order things from catalogues,” Molly said. “The artist that does the pottery is from the Knoxville area, and is the daughter of one of my friends from high school. We also have some reindeer hide keychains from Sweden. The creator is a woman we also went to high school with – she was an exchange student here. She was trying to get her company to be global, so now she is.”

Molly Rose  and Company has lots of fun classes coming up,  and will  also be participating in Sample Haven coming up on September 23. They are also looking forward to Halloween in downtown,  and also participate in New Haven’s downtown Christmas event.  Molly shared that they are also in the works with T.A.G. Art,  Wood and  Limn and Monarch Yoga to create some sort of art festival.


Molly’s favorite thing about working in her shop is meeting the people. She connects with lots of artists who are always excited to have a place to show and share their art with others. She also enjoys meeting and talking with the art  lovers,  and the many people who are excited  “just to have a place like this to shop in New Haven!”

One of her frustrations as a shop owner is the fact that her space is too small.. She would love to have a larger space, but at this time that just isn’t in the picture. Her second frustration is getting the word out to the community about her shop.  Molly Rose and Company often sets up at the New Haven Farmer’s Market, and has also started traveling to art shows to connect with the community. She has a website which you can access by clicking here, and also a facebook page you can see by clicking here.

The latest way you can find out what is going on at the shop is by texting the word Mollyrose to the number 51660. That text message will enter you into a data base that will receive special coupons and offers from Molly herself.

There are so many fun and creative things to see and do at Molly Rose and company that it even spills out onto the sidewalk. As the weather permits there are bubbles to blow and sidewalk  chalk available to all who pass by. “You would be surprised how  many adults stop and play – either with their kids or on their own. I love seeing everyone enjoy themselves. We’ve even had cyclists coming from the River Greenway stop and draw pictures.” There’s also a bowl  of water available for the canine friends who pass by.

Stop in soon and see what they are all about. And by the way, don’t wait til Christmas – the unique things go fast As Molly’s husband likes to say: “You won’t be able to find anything like this at Walmart!”

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