Meet a Member of the New Haven Chamber of Commerce

Ruhl Furniture and Flooring

John Pape

511 Broadway

New Haven, IN  46774

Phone: 260-749-4717


Upon entering Ruhl’s Furniture and Flooring one can’t help but notice the buildings historical character. With wooden floors and molded tin ceiling the K.P. Hall building built in 1910 still holds some of its earlier charm. It is rumored that at one time there was a speakeasy in the topmost floor. In talking with John Pape, the current owner, he revealed that there is still a pass through window from a kitchen area located on the third floor. At this time that floor is under renovation and so was unavailable for pictures. Also on the outside of the building is the restored Ruhl’s furniture sign. Pape said that the sign is actually much larger than it looks, standing at approximately twelve feet.

This was not always the home of Ruhl’s Furniture and Flooring however. Originally Ruhl’s was opened by Paul Ruhl in an automobile dealer’s salesroom which was located at 424 Broadway Street which is next to the downtown fire station. Ruhl’s opened at that spot in 1956. At that time John Pape’s father worked with Paul Ruhl in the flooring sales and installation segment of the store. It was there that John Pape got his experience in furniture and flooring sales. Then in 1991 Paul Ruhl was ready to retire and wanted to sell. John Pape bought the store and it continues today.

Ruhl’s Furniture & Flooring functioned in that location until 2008 when Pape decided to buy the K.P. Hall building at 511 Broadway in order to have more display space.  For quite a few years both stores remained open with the flooring in the original store and the furniture in the K.P. Hall Building. Then in 2008 John Pape consolidated the furniture and flooring into the building in which it is located today.

Today Ruhl’s Furniture & Flooring sells all types of furniture which can be custom ordered in the store. On the second floor is their flooring displays with a great variety of flooring styles, colors, and materials. Also, you can find displays of small collectables throughout the store which are for sale.  Their furniture is of high quality and because they are part of a co-op of over 1000 stores they can keep their prices very competitive. They have a friendly down home feeling which is reflected in their motto, “Making friends one customer at a time”. Pape said, “That’s what it is all about. That’s why I think we have survived all these years”.

Their marketing strategies also reflect that down home atmosphere. While they do have a website which you can access by clicking here for furniture and here for flooring, Pape shared that they work primarily on referrals. He said, “We’ve had customers refer us even before we finish the work for them”.

Being in the business of furniture and flooring from his youth, John Pape is well experienced in the selling of furniture and flooring. And while he does have several employees Pape said of himself, “I absolutely wear every hat. I receive the goods, I merchandise the goods, I sell it, and I will deliver it. I have been known to do everything”.

Pape’s favorite part of owning his store however is meeting all the people that come in. Not only does he get to meet people that are interested in buying but he also gets to meet people that remember the building from their youth. They love to come in and tell their stories.

Ruhl’s Furniture and Flooring has been a member of the New Haven Chamber of Commerce for twenty four years. Attending events and meeting with other business owners has been the biggest benefit from membership for John Pape. Also he shared that he believes that people respect the fact that his business is a member of the New Haven Chamber of Commerce.

You will have the perfect opportunity to check out this amazing furniture and flooring business at their New Year’s Day sale. If you do, we are sure that though you may enter as a customer you will leave as a friend because Ruhl’s Furniture and Flooring makes friends one customer at a time.


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