What university are you planning to attend? Indiana University Bloomington

What type of degree and/or advanced training are you planning to pursue? I plan on becoming an Ob/Gyn and specializing in obstetrics. I will major in Biology.

Why have you chosen this particular field of study? I have chosen to become an Ob/Gyn because I love the idea that I could aid in bringing someone’s child into the world. I think that having a baby is a huge step in a family‚Äôs life and the thought of being able to help people reach that step
makes me feel complete. The last semester of high school, I had an internship that let me experience neonatology and Obstetrics. When I observed the obstetrics, I was able to see the joy of the new mothers and fathers as they got to see their newborn child. That joy is the reason Ii would love to be an obstetrician.

In what extracurricular/community activities did you participate? I was a varsity cheerleader for two years. I was a representative in student council for three years. I participated in FCA for two years. I was a part of the drama department for two years and was casted into
three productions. I played Jetsam in The Little Mermaid, I played Danny in Subtext, and I played Belle in The Beauty and The Beast. I also was a member of key club for one year. For two years I was a Middle School Campus Life leader. I participated at my church as a member in the Worship team and also attended missions trips; one to Haiti where we helped several children who were in orphanages.

What awards, recognitions, or scholarships have you received? I have received the uplifting qualities award, the Indiana Academic All-Star Student of 2019, the Citizenship award, the Respect 360 award, Varsity letter Awards, scientific achievement award, certificate of Foreign
language award, leadership award, and Outstanding newcomer in the musical. I have received the 21 Century scholarship, the Chick Fil A scholarship, and the Lily Endowment Scholarship.

What are your insights on your high school experience? I think that high school, like everything else in life is what you make it. If you applied yourself in your classes and worked hard, you could achieve what you need to and it’s very rewarding.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of school? Outside of school, my hobbies include painting, playing the guitar, fitness, singing, and watching movies.

Parents: Sandra Stephenson & Michael Armstrong

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