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Tom Harris, owner of Harris Human Resources Group, Inc. and ActionCOACH-Business Coaching is all about businesses and organizations succeeding. While growing up in Fort Wayne, Harris has been a part of the business world from a very young age. Harris shared, “I had a paper route at ten years of age and I had an almost full-time job at thirteen. Alex Azar hired me and I was clocking thirty and forty hours a week quite often.” Harris was also heavily involved in Junior Achievement in school. He started out as the Marketing Vice President and stated that he couldn’t wait to become President of the Company. Harris said, “We made money and won some awards but I was always involved in entrepreneurial type of stuff growing up.” While Harris shared that high school wasn’t really his strong suit, once he began his college career, he went full speed in earning several degrees from a variety of schools. He said, “When college came in, I got this drive for knowledge. Now I just can’t get enough.” Just some of his degrees are: a BS degree in personnel from IPFW, a MS degree at St. Francis College, and an MBA from Indiana Tech. Those are just a few of the educational opportunities Harris took advantage of. Now, Harris is the owner of two businesses which work hand in hand. One is the Harris Human Resources Group and the second is ActionCOACH-Business Coaching. Both businesses work with business owners to create a smooth running and successful operation. Harris HR Group has as its goal to help any business with any needs they have in Human Resources. They assist with all aspects of human resources from anything like how to hire, how to recruit, and how to select employees, and on to compensation, job descriptions, policy, even the development of employee manuals. Harris said, “I have over twenty-five years in human resources management. I’ve been in large corporations and small corporations, non-for-profits, government, and more. I help clients in all aspects of human resources.” “I also own a franchise with ActionCOACH-Business Coaching”, Harris shared. “It is the largest business coaching business in the world. We are in seventy countries. There are approximately two or three franchises in Indiana. The other two are down near Indy. I am allowed to go anywhere in the state of Indiana and just beyond into Michigan and into Ohio a little bit.”

ActionCOACH is focused on teaching business owners their exclusive business-building strategies that will help to achieve the ActionCOACH definition of a successful business: a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you. Utilizing sales, marketing, and financial management systems, ActionCOACH not only shows you how to dramatically increase your business revenues and profits but also how to develop your business so that you, the owner, can work less and make more even while relaxing more too. Harris shared, “We try to re-educate. Most business owners didn’t go into business because they have a background in running a business, it’s usually a skill or function that they were good at or had a passion for. Then they get in the water and they find out ‘oh my gosh its going in a different direction, growing up faster, I didn’t know it was going to be like this’. And so, what we try to do is, jump in if you will, and help them navigate the waters.” Right now, Harris is reaching business owners all the way to Warsaw and Fremont and down in Adams and Wells counties as well as in Columbia City and the Fort Wayne area. “I am in a position of being able to hire coaches and so I will probably be hiring coaches in the next three to six months.” said Harris. “I am also able to grow Harris Resource Group and bring on HR consultants to do HR services.” Recently Harris has started sharing his knowledge with local Chambers of Commerce. There are seven to eight core sections that ActionCOACH has developed to help business owners.

At each Chamber event the Chamber Director and Staff can choose a different topic to focus on. Then at each session Harris will share a little bit about running your business better, but then he will focus in on one or two items which have been chosen. Harris shared that he enjoys going to various communities. He said, “You get a different feel there. It’s fun and kind of exciting. If I can help organizations and businesses be better and help people with their careers that’s a beautiful thing. Continual improvement from individuals to organizations and businesses….seems to be my passion. I started giving back to organizations a long time ago and if I can continue to make improvements for business owners and organizations, my personal and professional goals will be met.

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