New Haven ranked as one of the safest cities in Indiana.

•Bluffton has the highest safety score in the state.
•New Haven was found to have an average score of 75.23.
•There is a citizen-to-officer of 1.36 per 1,000 citizens in New Haven.
•Infographic showing safest cities across Indiana.

Safety First: Perhaps you’re looking for a change of scenery, or maybe your job has offered you a promotion in a different city… Whatever it is, when considering packing up your life and moving to a different place, safety should be your number one priority.

Security-based review, comparison and news site, Security Baron, analyzed FBI rankings of crime rates to find out what the top 50 safest cities are in Indiana, and what their safety score is.

The analysis found that New Haven (with a population of 15,481) emerged on the list, with an average safety score of 75.23 and a rate of 2.45 violent crimes per 1,000 citizens. The city also has a citizen-to-officer ratio of 1.36 per 1,000 people and an average income of $47,649. Additionally, there are 6,083 households in New Haven and a rate of 21.64 property crimes per 1,000 citizens.

It was also found that the safest city in Indiana is Bluffton, with a safety score of 89.94 and an average income of $40,194. Bluffton has a rate of only 0.7 violent crimes per 1,000 citizens and in fact, a citizen-to-officer ratio of 2 per 1,000 people. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be a victim of crime here! There are also 4,170 households in Bluffton on average.

By comparison, it was found that Seymour ranked last on the list, with a safety score of 63.75 and a median income of $43,664. The city in Jackson County has a rate of 3.37 violent crimes per 1,000 citizens, along with a citizen-to-officer ratio of 2.04 per 1,000 people.

Security Baron created an infographic where you can view the top 50 safest cities in Indiana, along with their safety scores and other interesting crime statistics:

‘Theft or violence can occur ‘in the nick of crime’ and no one is immune,’ says Joe Auer of Security Baron. ‘Although it is difficult to predict when crime will occur, it is vital to ensure the area you are visiting or moving to is secure and not infamous for any sort of criminal behaviour. You can use safety scores and rankings to check!’

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