Should Alyssa Lewandowski step down from her position on the East Allen County School Board?

1) Alyssa Lewandowski should step down from her position on the East Allen County School Board. Board members need to attend and contribute to all school board meetings. Providing the best education for all East Allen county students demands more than reading meeting minutes, it requires full participation.

2) Should the sun rise , the moon glow and the stars twinkle ?

3) From the Journal Gazette, Saturday…  As the East Allen County School board considered proposals related to the district’s major redesign, including millions in building improvements, board member Alyssa Lewandowski’s absence didn’t go unnoticed. New Haven resident Chris Baker complained Tuesday that residents in Lewandowski’s district are not being represented.

Tuesday’s meeting was the fourth consecutive meeting Lewandowski has missed. She told The Journal Gazette’s Devon Haynie that a new job is the reason for her absence. She said schedule changes should allow her to attend meetings in January, but it’s not clear whether she will be able to attend after that time.

Job demands certainly are a legitimate reason for missing an occasional meeting, but Lewandowski’s absence comes at a particularly inopportune time for her constituents. The board’s Nov. 1 meeting, for example, included a presentation on proposals for the New Haven Intermediate School project – one that certainly should receive close oversight by the board member elected to serve the district.

To her credit, Lewandowski has split from the board’s majority when she felt a decision was not in the best interest of New Haven-area residents. It’s unfortunate that a new job keeps her from attending the meetings, but the uncertainty of her work schedule suggests she should seriously consider whether she should resign.

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