Ms. Green seems to be at her best at spreading falsehoods when talking about her opposition. The people supporting blocking the extravagant expenditures are only concerned with the way the money is being spent. All these millions of dollars will only perpetrate the same low educational standards that the board seems to allow for certain schools and only bolsters the buildings instead of the kids. The system will remain at status quo. If we thought the money was being spent wisely (which has not been the case in 30 years or more), we wouldn’t object to digging into our pockets for the EDUCATION of our kids. Busing kids for hours is not an acceptable use of funds, time management for the school or for the kids that are sitting on a bus til 5 PM at night or later. We as the Blue Petitioners are not out to close schools. All we want is responsible fiscal management with better educational opportunities for all students. I know rumors are being spread in Leo that their school will be closed if Blue wins, that is simply not true. Ms. Green’s statement in her letter to the editor in the Journal Gazette to vote Yellow if you don’t want your school to close is an out and out lie.

M. Geller

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