From EACS board Meeting 2/7/2012

I come here as a parent, tax payer and concerned citizen. I come here of my own accord and not directed by others. I have been a part of the EACS district as a student, patron and parent on and off for over 50 years. I have sat on my hands and have watched from the sidelines the last 20 years as this district has gone from one of the top districts in the State to spiraling downward. I decided enough is enough and have gotten involved.

I have a group of supporters that I like to call the East Allen Think Tank. This group includes elected officials, business leaders, parents and tax payers from all corners of the district and not just New Haven. Yes we do have an agenda and it is to see this district once again become one of the best in the state, to put the priority on improved education and believe it is not too late for the entire district to come together to achieve these goals. A strong EACS is a strong Leo, a strong Woodburn, a strong Monroeville, and a strong New Haven along with the rest of the cities in our district.

Once the media linked my name with the remonstrance I have been inundated with calls, emails and stopped on the street by those thanking me and encouraging me to keep up the fight. What surprised me most was being contacted by former EACs administrators who are saddened by what has happened to a once great district.

A year ago when I was a member of the architect selection committee for this redesign plan it was discussed using petition/remonstrance vs. referendum and I told those board members in attendance then that based on my experience that is not the way to go. What I predicted then has happened now. While petition/remonstrance is a way to vote, it becomes a he said she said with some using scare tactics or untruths to get their signatures collected.

Mike Clendenen


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