‘Burdensome’ comment revealing

At the East Allen Community Schools board meeting Jan. 24, I was stunned by a particularly galling admission by school board vice president, Terry Jo Lightfoot.

The longtime board member casually reminisced and publicly lamented the good ol’ days of past board financial decisions when EACS wasn’t “burdened” with the referendum procedure now currently “holding up” Superintendent Karyle Green’s redesign plan. Lightfoot remarked about the less “burdensome past” like in 1997 when projects such as the multi-million dollar Cedarville Elementary project could be approved by a mere board vote, as opposed to the current lengthy process of actually having to formally ask (via referendum) for taxpayer permission before spending millions of taxpayer funds.

With Lightfoot’s admission, the longtime board member indicts herself and reminds voters that she’s partly responsible for the system’s short-sighted past, which has undoubtedly caused the wobbly nature of its current financial state. And frankly, any elected official – board member or not – who moans in the present for a bygone past has clearly been in office for far too long.



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