At least Mike McClendon isn’t afraid to make his voice heard concerning the redesign of the EACS system. He is correct, only, where were the remonstrances to sign? Tuesday is past to sign the for or against petition for the Woodland K-12 redesign. All you had to do was attend the November meeting of the architects who used photos to show the proposed redesigning of the New Haven intermediate schools. The architects almost outnumbered the attendance. There were approximately 14-20 concerned citizens in attendance. 14-20 people who cared what it was going to cost. 14-20 out of the entire New Haven School district that wanted to know more. Appalling. The architects didn’t seem to know about Schnelker Park not being part of the school property. They didn’t seem to know about the water problem that flows off of old 30 when it rains. They were questioned about the intricate underground utilities at Mourey Street and the road that runs from Mourey between the school and residential area to the park. They didn’t use a microphone either in that huge hall. Funny that the microphones weren’t on at the board meeting in November too.
The newspaper stated that separate remonstrances will be coming out for the other areas. Where are the papers going to be? Is there going to be a door to door coverage?

P. Anderson

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