Those carrying the yellow petitions are once again using fear tactics to get your votes. Telling you that signing yellow saves Heritage High School is false. The Leo area was duped during the first petition drive to sign yellow. They were told that signing blue would close their high school. It has been suggested that the school board look into having two or three high schools vs. the current five. The school board has used that as a battle cry to save your local high school. Those carrying blue petitions do not have the power to close schools as it has been suggested. I personally would like them to revisit the three high school plan. We all agree that some consolidation needs to take place. The board has decided to sacrifice the elementary students in order to keep five high schools open. The yellow team says to “Keep Our Kids Close to Home”. I guess they forgot about the younger kids. How do you think Harlan and Monroeville feel about keeping their elementary kids close to home? Save Our Schools is only good for the high schools – not the elementary schools that they so quickly dismissed as not important to their communities. It seems to me that the younger students are our educational foundation and that the priority should be keeping them as close to home as possible. Some in the Leo area are looking into separating from the district. If that would become a reality – why would you want to incur the additional debt from the Heritage project? The board said they will go ahead anyway so why raise your taxes? Signing a blue petition does not close

The Yellow Signs... Save Heritage

any high schools. It only sends a message to the board that they should strongly consider other options. And that a higher priority should have been placed on saving our elementary students. EACS’s own phone survey from 2010 showed that only 39.2% of responders wanted to keep the current 5 high school arrangement. The rest were willing to “combine high schools in order to provide better opportunities for students.”If this redesign plan was in fact the best way to go – it should have gone to the voters as one project so the entire district could vote on all five projects – not pick and choose which one they want to see go through. Based on past conversations I have had with some school board members, I believe that as long as the Woodlan and Heritage projects get done – they are satisfied. As predicted, the separation of these projects has pitted community against community. It’s very doubtful any Adams Township projects will go forward once the combined Harding/New Haven projects go to the voters in May, not to mention any future improvements that will be proposed for aging buildings in Leo. If you would like to sign or carry a blue petition please contact me at

Mike Clendenen


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