What Happened to the Playground at Jury Park?

According to Park Superintendent, Mike Clendenen, there were some funds left over from the Jury Park project that needed to be spent in the park. The staff and Park Board agreed that replacing the old playground equipment was a priority. They chose the Gelefish playground from Little Tikes. There will also be new swings including an inclusive swing. Estimates to have the playground installed were between $9500-$12000. They felt the park department maintenance department was very capable of installing the new equipment saving those dollars for other improvements, but it will take longer to install, as they work it in with their other duties.

Swing Information From the Little Tykes Commercial Website:

“We’ve transformed the traditional playground by fusing trend-setting design with our classic play events kids love. The all new Gelefish™ offers an exclusive configuration with customizable play components, delivering you more fun-per-foot! Now you can have the head turning curb appeal you’ve been looking for and the “Wow, that was fun!” attraction all-in-one play system.”

Included are 8 Interchangeable Play Event Locations:

Double Wide Slide – Fan Climber

Vertical Pod Climber – Infinity® High Climb

Silo Climber – Morphus Slide

Tilted Rock Challenge Wall – Wild Rung Ladder


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